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Boost funds and school spirit with a fundraiser that profited schools over $400 million in the last 20 years!

Enjoy an innovative, flexible fundraising program guaranteed to give you more resources and reasons to smile.

Our proven virtual school fundraising options rally your school together for a fun, online experience with a common goal of helping your school. All students are included, no matter where they are learning from. Perfect for distance learning, hybrid educational models, A/B schedules, and everything in between. Plus, it’s easy to run, with all resources provided, and high-quality videos that keep families engaged.

kisspng-clip-art-check-mark-openclipart-image-x-mark-5c5571b9074280.9155880015491035450297 Easier And More Fun For Teachers


Our program is more flexible than ever, so teachers can maximize their teaching time with students.

kisspng-clip-art-check-mark-openclipart-image-x-mark-5c5571b9074280.9155880015491035450297 helpful communication with families

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Our turnkey communication plan uses a suite of engaging resources that increases participation, so you hit your goal.

kisspng-clip-art-check-mark-openclipart-image-x-mark-5c5571b9074280.9155880015491035450297 Exciting Event Options For Everyone


Inside, outside, or virtual, we have memorable event days for any weather or protocol. Plus, an all-new Dance Fit event in partnership with the dance game, Just Dance!

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Schools profited $2 million last year with our corporate matching software—we’ve optimized the process so it’s even more profitable. 

Hear how our program delivered big results and joy last school year

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