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You're IN

Hear from Booster Team members what it’s like (and what they are learning) serving schools this important school year.


“School communities NEED something to unite them during such a difficult season. Being able to put on a fundraiser for a school gives a school something to unite over, and when you have a Booster team included in the mix to create some excitement and momentum during the two-week period, you will be AMAZED at how much of a difference it makes in the lives of students, teachers, administration, and families.” 


Keith, 4-year team member

Team North Carolina


“In Booster, we are the experts on flexibility. In this season, I have had to adapt faster than ever before, but the most surprising thing has been how I have had to adapt to a new way of building relationships, with some schools virtual and others in-person.”


Kelsey, 3-year team member

Team Alabama


“At every school campus I have been on so far, either the principal or parent leader says to me, ‘We just want something fun the kids can look forward to because they don't have anything like that right now.’ Schools are in need of both funds and fun—big time.”


Jonathan, 4-year team member

Team Northern California


“I’ve personally growth a lot this year by taking on more ownership within my market. And I’m so proud we’ve been flexible to clients’ needs and still able to provide that care and experience they know and love!”


Sarah, 3-year team member

Team Indiana