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As the year continues and we impact more students with our EPIC Adventure character theme, we love seeing the way schools and children really put the theme into action and live out the traits.

With the adventure action “invite,” we’ve seen students invite new peers to be their project partners, join others at a different lunch table to be friendly and include new students in games at recess. Being the parent of student with a heart to include others is a blessing. As the spirit of “inviting” grows in Boosterthon schools, so might your child’s party list.

With your child befriending new students and making others feel welcome, it can be difficult to plan and host birthday parties when your child’s list exceeds your own age! As the parent of an “inviter,” we have a few tips on how to celebrate your child’s birthday without breaking the bank or hurting feelings.

party1. Host an in-class party 

Many times parents of inviters would like to include every classmate in the birthday celebration, so why not bring the party to the class! Speak with your child’s teacher ahead of time to offer to bring homemade cupcakes, cookies or brownies to the class for an afternoon treat. Your child will feel special when the entire class is celebrating his or her big day together! You can even bring a small favor for each child, such as these fun “Happy Birthday” pencils.

2. Throw a class-wide bash 

If you want to invite the entire class to the party, here are a couple ways for both your child and you to have a great time.

  • Pick a theme to go along with the time of year. For example, throw a Halloween-themed party and allow each child to decorate mini-pumpkins. Plus, here is an easy two-ingredient recipe for delicious pumpkin cake.
  • Host the party during non-meal times. Dessert for the party guests will be the only thing on the menu, and you can even use it as a party favor. Guests can decorate their own sugar cookie with icing and candies and take it home for an after-dinner treat. Plus, everyone will feel involved as the guests sit around the table interacting with each other and helping friends choose their cookie décor.

3. Throw a smaller party at home 

“I would love to invite everyone, but costs and other factors make it difficult.” If you’re looking for options to host a smaller party, here are a couple ways to throw a great event when including everyone is unfortunatley not possible.Princess themed party

Choose a theme that is a bit more gender specific.

  • You know the boys aren’t going to be too upset when theyfind out they missed the “princess party” and getting their nails painted was the highlight. You can even contact the local cosmetology school, which often has students who are available for hire to style hair at lower costs. Plus, you can let the girls create princess hats as their craft and favor. The party will be fit for a queen!
  • For the boys, you could host a “sports party” where each child is invited to play football, basketball or baseball in the yard with your birthday boy. Not only will they get the chance to play outside, but they are also sure to be tuckered out when their parents pick them up. You can even try out one of these tutorials on how to create a sports themed cake.
  • Additionally, a good rule of thumb is to craft your guest list as the age of your child. Therefore, your 6-year-old boy should invite 6 children to the party. This way, the younger the age of your birthday star, the less likely the party is to get overwhelming for them. As your children get older, they should be more apt to entertain themselves with friends.

4. Celebrate with the Family 

  • Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to celebrate your child as a family. Why not host a family birthday party where mom, dad, siblings and the birthday boy/girl can enjoy time together?Your child will be thankful to have those who are near and dear to his or her heart celebrating the big day. Each family member can write the reasons you love him or her and present those words of affirmation at the dinner table in front of the family. However young your child may be, it’s difficult to forget when your family gathers to honor and love you.

We hope these suggestions are great resources to use when it’s time to celebrate your child. And remember, if the number of students your child wants to invite overwhelms you, it’s a good thing!

So parents, have you thrown a themed bash that is sure to wow others? Share with us on Facebook!


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