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Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Imagine you’re in elementary school and your teacher has just asked what you want to be when you grow up. You smile inside as your mind goes straight to the moment you saw that “really cool grown-up” and you couldn’t wait to be just like him or her! For you, maybe it was your dentist because having no cavities meant a trip to the goody box. Or maybe it was your piano teacher who never failed to make you feel like a musical prodigy. It could have even been your basketball coach who always made your team feel like a family. Whatever person came to mind, you were determined to be that cool once you were old enough!

IMG_8083 And just this thing happened at Riverside Elementary in Suwanee, GA, for a girl named Jordan Watson. Along with her classmates and teachers, she was sitting in the gym anticipating a new program that just arrived on campus—the Boosterthon Fun Run. When the music started and the Boosterthon team entered the gym, the entire team became her “really cool grown-ups.” With every Pep Rally cheer and theme song dance, she was experiencing that childhood role model moment and couldn’t wait to be as cool as them one day.

One of Jordan’s favorite memories of the Boosterthon experience was her rather creative approach to earning pledges. She explained, “I dressed up in an oversized red business suit complete with shoulder pads, and asked for pledges to a room full of my mom’s Mary Kay clients.” The ladies were impressed by her presentation skills. (I wonder if public speaking will come in handy one day . . .)

From Pep Rallies, hula-hoop contests, and the Fun Run, the entire Boosterthon experience was one she looked forward to year after year. Before moving up to high school, she was able to participate in three Boosterthon programs and still had the hope of one day becoming a Boosterthon team member.

So, if you’re wondering what came of Jordan’s childhood “cool grown-up” dream, let me introduce you to “Jazzy Jordan,” an official Boosterthon team member in Atlanta. She’ll serve dozens of schools this year and has a special perspective.

Having been in the shoes of all our students, Jordan knows how important her role is in their lives. Not only does she get to show each child how to make healthy choices, but she also gets to teach character lessons that will positively influence them as they grow up. “I remember how it felt to sit in a crowd of kids watching fun grown-ups be excited and inspire me to have fun, help my school and serve others,” Jordan explains. “Now, I love the fact that I get the opportunity to grab the attention of a new generation and inspire them!”

To all the children who look up to her the way she looked up to the Boosterthon team years before, Jordan challenges them with these words: “You are a light to those around you! You have the power to make people smile; use your powers!”

Fun Fact: Guess who ran the Boosterthon programs while Jordan was in elementary school? None other than our very own founder and president, Chris Carneal, who is pictured with her above during her first Boosterthon Fun Run this year! 

We're so proud of all of our team members. Learn more about them HERE. 

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