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Boosterthon attracts people from all walks of life. Some team members have served in our military, some have worked for Disney World, and several have been teachers. One of our new Experience Leaders in Jacksonville, FL, Katie Bersinger, sat down to tell us about her transition from teaching to Boosterthon. How do Boosterthon and teaching mesh together? Find out!




  • What about Boosterthon made you want to apply for a job? 

Initially, I was drawn in by the excitement of the team and their ability to create fun on campus. That really made an impression on me. I always knew I wanted to make a positive impact on children, and I believe that the Boosterthon team does this everyday. I knew I had to be a part of it.


  • What skills that you learned as a teacher transfer into your new role at Boosterthon?

During my years teaching, I learned how to interact with parents, other teachers and administration; how to organize, handle details and prepare lessons; and how to create passion in students for learning. The way I see it, we are all teaching kids, just on different platforms.


  • Of our 5 character traits this year, what have you seen stick with the students the most? Any examples?

I think "Friends Don't Bully" sticks the most. When talking about the character traits, I can tell which classmates are bullying others. In one school, a little girl was being bullied by her classmate. The days after the character lesson on bullying, I was told by her mother that the classmate had stopped picking on her daughter. She even said they had a play date scheduled for that following weekend!


  • As a former teacher, tell us the number one reason we should constantly thank and encourage teachers. 

Teachers work so hard and are constantly keeping track of a million different details. They are the ones making a difference in the lives of children day in and day out by teaching them how to learn and how to treat one another. Teachers are truly the ones that change the world!


Well, I don’t think I could say it any better! Katie is one of 200 full-time Booster team members. Her unique perspective makes our team stronger and helps us learn how we can better serve our schools.

We love talking about our awesome team members. Read more about our team here.


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