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Portrait of Principal Dr. Christine ButlerBoosterthon has served Birnham Woods Elementary in Spring, TX, for six consecutive years. I spoke to their principal, Dr. Christine Butler, to discuss the tradition they’ve created in having Boosterthon at their school year after year. Dr. Butler explains, “Both Birnham Woods Elementary and Boosterthon value the same positive traits in people and in groups. Boosterthon supports the same character traits we aim to teach our students, but in a different format.”

The school community’s level of involvement is used as a guide to how well the program helps build the school’s family culture. Dr. Butler explains, “ I love the opportunity Boosterthon provides to involve so many parents and all of our students.” She is constantly encouraged by the parents’ enthusiasm for the program, whether it’s helping with the pre-program decorations or volunteering at the Fun Run.

Not only do the parents get excited, but the all-inclusive nature of the program also celebrates the family culture at BWE. She adds, “With the expectation that all students will participate in the program and the Fun Run, we are able to involve every student and every family.”Rock n Tour Buss

In addition to staff members, students and their parents, the Boosterthon team becomes a part of the family at BWE. Dr. Butler says, “After the Fun Run is over, it's great to have visits from the Boosterthon team throughout the year- it's like reuniting with family you haven't seen in awhile!” She explains how great it is to hear updates on the Boosterthon team members that have previously served as well as those who will serve her school. “I enjoy hearing about where they are now in the company as well as meeting and welcoming new Boosterthon team members to our campus.”

""For Dr. Butler and BWE, the success gained over the past six years is the reason Boosterthon is the only fundraiser they host each year. “There's nothing else like it,” she says. “The staff is dedicated, positive, and professional, and they consistently bring a positive attitude to our campus. Boosterthon is far more than a fundraiser; it's an experience!”

We’re excited to celebrate six years serving Birnham Woods, but discover how being a 10-year Boosterthon partner can impact your campus.



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