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Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day!

For the past 35 years, America has declared a day to recognize some of the most influential people in our lives – teachers! So, we wanted to spread the love today and do something special.

On our Facebook page, we asked parents and educators to nominate teachers who have made a difference in their lives this school year. The task was simple—rave about your favorite teacher. People from all across the country responded with local teachers who are teaching and loving the next generation beyond the call of duty. They posted pictures, called out their strengths, and shared stories. There are too many to name on the blog (a great thing!), but we’d like to celebrate a handful of them below.

(You can read the full list here) Let the inspiration begin!


K.Beaty headshot

Ms. Kelli Edge Beaty - 2nd grade, Great Bridge Primary in Chesapeake, VA 

“She puts her students first no matter what! She is known for her soft-spoken, kind-hearted personality that brings out the best in all children. She believes in her students and helps them believe in themselves.” – Carrie Suzanne

M. Webb portrait


Ms. Melissa Webb Walton - 1st grade, Northport Elementary School in Northport, AL

“She is the most exuberant teacher, filled with passion for her 1st grade students. She equips them to be fantastic students and teaches them to believe in themselves.” – Jenny Dansby


Stacey FreemanMs. Stacy Freeman – 2nd grade, McNeal Elementary in Bradenton, FL

“She teaches ‘amplify others’ by being a positive influence and setting a great example. She ‘plugs in to serve’ by going above and beyond in the classroom with special projects for her students and for the school. She ‘plays hard’ because she’s always on the go with her three teenagers in competitive soccer. ‘Thanking her crowd’ comes second nature and it rubs off on her students! Mrs. Freeman is a treasure to our school and community!” – Monica Thomas


Mr. Eric Tyree - 4th grade, Chocachatti Elementary in Brooksville, FL.

“He spends hours working on fun ways for children to learn. He planned a grade wide egg hunt with math problems inside. Every time I walk into his classroom the kids are having fun learning. They are either racing to the board to answer the question first or working in groups – leaning is always fun!” – Sara Lee Chase

Amber kohl portrait


Mrs. Amber Kohl - 1st grade, Lookout Mountain School in Phoenix, AZ.

“She is patient when necessary, tough when needed, and most importantly cares so much about each and every student! She makes sure all students are prepared and ready for the next school year - not only in education but emotionally ready for what life may throw at them.” – Tiffany Odle


Mrs. D headshotMs. Tara Desrosier - Kindergarten, Blankner School K-8 in Orlando, FL.

“She is an inspirational leader and teacher and has touched our family's life. She has several special needs students in her class and she takes them under her wing. Before our daughter was in her class she didn't talk and was delayed. Ms. Desrosier was able to break through and now my daughter is learning how to read. She is the greatest teacher ever!” – Michael and Kay O’Hara

Thank you to every teacher for the countless hours of hard work and sincere care for the students in your classroom. You are changing the world by educating a generation. THANK YOU!

A special congratulations to Ms. Tara Desrosier for being the Boosterthon Teacher Appreciation Day Winner!

Whether it’s on our Facebook page or somewhere else, give a teacher a shout out today. It’s the perfect day!


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