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Every week we serve schools across the nation by helping them meet their financial goals. If you have ever been to a Boosterthon Fun Run event, you know that there is a lot that goes into the 9-day program and putting on the event itself, and we are proud to do the work.

However, there is no way we could do our job alone. Teachers, parents and administrators work alongside us to provide the best possible experience for students. The great thing for our PTA/O chairs, is that once they get the ball rolling, they have a chance to enjoy the experience and do what they do best: have fun and support their school!

This week, we interviewed Katie Crafton, the Boosterthon Chair for Mountain Brook Elementary in Mountain Brook, Ala to get her experience with our program. With three children who have participated in Boosterthon, Katie was an instant fan of the program. Now that she has been behind the scenes, she likes to think that the Boosterthon team is part of her family!

Boosterthon PTA memebers looking fabulousAs the Boosterthon Chair, Katie has interacted one-on-one with each of the Boosterthon team members that serve her school and has learned how to be the best Boosterthon Chair possible. In her role, she aids in setting up meetings between the Boosterthon school leader and her administration. After facilitating the initial meetings, Katie loves being able to step back and enjoy the program. Unlike many of the previous fundraisers that she helped plan, Boosterthon allows her to do exactly what she wants to do.

It’s the most fun and relaxed event that I have ever chaired,” said Katie. “It really is a pleasure to be with the Boosterthon team. Plus, it’s not hard to put on, so instead of dreading the two weeks, we actually love coming to school.”

During the program, Katie can be spotted at 7:45 a.m. with her car painted, decked out in homemade Boosterthon gear, preparing for a fun day of classroom visits with the team and bulletin board creation. Since Boosterthon allows the Boosterthon Chairs to be as involved as they like, Katie believes that the more engaged she is, the better the experience is for everyone.

“It’s incredible to see the kids with the team in the classroom. The Boosterthon team really gets down on the students’ level and reaches out to the them in a way that the kids respond to,” said Katie. “As a mom, it’s cool to see how they draw the students to them in a positive way through great character. It’s all about being real and having fun, great character traits and exercising.”

Because the Boosterthon Chair position at Mountain Brook Elementary is a “move-up” role, each year the previous co-chair takes on the role of chair. As Katie finishes her role as chair, we asked her what she would be doing for next year’s program. Her response?:

“I’d be the Boosterthon Chair every year if I could! We appreciate who Boosterthon is and the true value of the program. It’s not about the money we make; it’s about changing the world and teaching kids about character traits. In the world we live in… we need that.” 

One thing we know we can count on is that she will support the Boosterthon team and the students whether she has an official title or not. “We’re like a family. I’ll be right alongside them.”

As the program wraps up for this elementary school and its incredible Boosterthon Chair, we just want to say “thank you” to all of the dedicated PTA/O parents and Boosterthon Chairs who make each program a success. Check this out for more information on how we make the program hassle-free and enjoyable for each school.


The Boosterthon Fun Run is a fundraising company designed for America’s top schools. Since 2001, Boosterthon’s taught millions of students across the nation about the importance of fitness, leadership, and character while helping schools raise needed funds. To inquire how our unique fundraising program can help with your school’s fundraising needs, visit www.boosterthon.com/contact.

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