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I remember the first time I printed my Booster business cards. I still have one. It was 2001, I was a college student, and the first-ever Boosterthon Fun Run hadn’t happened yet. I was driving around meeting with any school who was interested in hearing my new way to fundraise. Before I had any financial results to show, there were just two things I’d walk into a meeting with—an idea and a business card.

Even though schools would eventually sign up to host a Boosterthon Fun Run, my business card read Booster. Our early logo was inspired by the “swoosh” in an old ESPN logo. As a collegiate baseball player, I watched ESPN to study the greats. In fact, I would come up with the idea for the Boosterthon Fun Run while giving a baseball lesson to an elementary school student. But more than the logo on my card, the name Booster told the world what I wanted to do and who I was for. I wanted to boost funds for Booster groups (PTAs, PTOs, Foundations, and more).

Original Boosterthon blog logo

My mother, an educator for 30 years, used to share with me how important fundraising was for schools, but how time consuming it was for teachers and administrators. She said if there were an organization that could help support schools’ existing Booster clubs and parent volunteer groups by boosting funds more effectively, it would help educators focus more time on their highest calling—teaching. To me, supporting schools was a calling in and of itself.


I wanted to help the people who helped schools, so students could flourish. If a program could boost funds and teaching time, it would have a significant impact on education, and that would change the world.

As I had more meetings and passed out more business cards, the popularity and success of the Boosterthon Fun Run slowly grew across the country. Over the next 10+ years we became known as Boosterthon in the minds of our clients. After all, it was the only offering we provided.

We constantly innovated and improved the Boosterthon program based on valuable client feedback, and the Boosterthon logo naturally followed.

Booster blog logos

(Notice the classic ballpark font that captures that time in my life where baseball, fundraising, and impacting schools all came together.)


One of the questions I would consistently hear from clients was,

“We love Boosterthon! What else can you do for us?”

So after more than a decade of having one great offering, we created more remarkable ways to serve our clients beyond the Boosterthon program, like Booster Spirit Wear and Booster Pledge Pro.

Today, our clients can partner with Booster to host a Boosterthon Fun Run, order spirit wear, and run a direct give campaign (or another DIY fundraiser) all with an organization they know and trust.

That’s why when we decided to reorganize how our brand looks to better reflect all our offerings, we chose to lead with Booster.

Because no matter what, our clients tell us that the Booster magic runs through everything we do and who we ask to join our team. We are Booster!


We believe our new branding makes it easier for our clients to find the right service for them and get the most out of their choices.

If you’ve ever been a Booster client or are a Booster client, hear me say, “I am grateful for you!” You’ve helped shape us into who we are.

We’ve come a long way since 2002. I’m grateful for our past but could not be more excited about serving our clients even better in the future as Booster—your fundraising organization on a mission to Change the World.


In so many ways, we’re just getting started serving you!



Chris Carneal
Founder and CEO


Learn more about our offerings at our new site ChooseBooster.com.

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