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If you are a parent volunteer, should preparing for a fundraiser feel like a drag or like a highly anticipated holiday? Do you count the days until it’s over, or until it arrives?

Check out this creative poem by a Boosterthon parent and see what you think.


Twas a Month Before Boosterthon


‘Twas a month before Boosterthon, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse

WAIT! That’s not the case, that’s not how it was

The Booster committee was beginning to buzz


With e-mail after e-mail, ideas were flowing ""


Promotion, decorations, and even lawn-mowing

School starting soon – we want to prepare

So we’re talking and planning because we all care


The budget’s been cut once again for this year

So funding is needed, just why Boosterthon’s here!

Best thing since sliced bread, far as fundraisers go

With fitness, leadership and character to show


Camp High Five is the theme, with a focus on friends

Respect Others, Don’t Bully and Shout Out their Strengths

Stick Together and please Show Sportsmanship too

With High Fives for ALL, that’s what real friends do


We’re gathering camp stuff to set up the scene

Where teams will have huddles, with an interactive screen

Picnic tables, folding chairs, signposts and a tent,

Letters announcing “It’s Here!” will been sent


Banners will be hung with our goals clearly marked

We are busy all day and into the dark

Visions of sugarplums dance in our heads?

Not quite, but still spinning after climbing in bed


I’ll paint, you build, you seek and I’ll find""

Pledges will help us, and donations in-kind

A dance for excitement with kids, parents too

Fun activities with your families each day you can do


Then the Fun Run; Don’t miss it! Dust off your shoes

It’s a MUST SEE event that you simply MUST do

It’s a day to celebrate the lessons that are taught

A FUN day with our friends that won’t be forgot


Let’s make this the best year and help our school thrive

Let’s feed the hungry with the High Five Meal Drive

With Boosterthon, we run as one, we work as a team

So anything’s possible, let’s go after our dreams

-Cathy Ellis, Felix A. Williams Elementary. Stuart, Florida.


A huge “thank you” to Cathy and all of our parent volunteers who creatively transform their school to help make the Boosterthon Fun Run feel like a grand celebration.


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