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Never underestimate the power of a thank you letter.

When the Boosterthon program wrapped up at Pond Elementary in Grover, MO, Mrs. Toro’s class of first-graders decided to band together and write a letter of appreciation to our team.

Their heartfelt words not only touched our Boosterthon team in Kansas City and St. Louis but also our ENTIRE organization!

Here’s what Mrs. Toro’s class wrote:

A Letter to the Boosterthon Team

Dear Boosterthon Team,

You all ROCK! We have loved every second of your presence at Pond the past two weeks. You brought ENERGY, POSITIVITY, and FUN! We will never forget this whole experience.

We appreciate all you have done to help us make money for our school. We especially liked all of the “dance parties” whoop whoop! And the character education videos! And the totally awesome prizes! And the pump-us-up announcements! And our MindSpark cheer!!! Yes!!! And the heartfelt high fives! And solving the MindSpark Mystery!

Now, for the Fun Run, we can barely type because we are still SO pumped up from the Fun Run! We want you to know that we care about you because we have felt all the care you have given us! During the Fun Run you kept us safe, you helped us encourage each other, you danced with us, and you made us feel like ROCKSTARS! Our class became even closer as a team because of YOU! You made a difference at Pond Elementary and in our class.

Please don’t ever leave us….ok, fine, we want you to make a difference at other schools too, but please come back soon!

Mrs. Toro’s First-Graders

Twitter: @TorosFirstGraders

From all of us here at Boosterthon, THANK YOU, Mrs. Toro’s first-graders! We do what we do because of amazing students like you!

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