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Whether you’re a student, parent, teacher, or administrator, chances are there is a teacher in your life that deserves to be thanked. Learn how to surprise your teacher on Teacher’s Day.

On Monday, we presented one teacher who is transforming lives daily by encouraging her students. If Ms. Snow reminds you of your child’s teacher, we’ve gathered a few ideas to encourage and thank him or her in honor of World Teachers’ Day on Oct. 5. We hope these inspire you to creatively thank your teacher!

thank you1. Create a Thank You Banner:

This is a great way to allow the students to be involved in thanking the teacher. With a large piece of banner paper or a poster board, have each child write a note of thanks to the teacher for all they do. Encourage each child to write how the teacher has impacted him or her personally. You can hang the World Teacher’s Day banner in the hallway before the start of the day so the teacher is surprised when she arrives at the classroom. Plus, the students can each put their writing skills to the test, which pleases every teacher!

2. Treats for the Teacher:

Teachers are just like everyone else: the fastest way to their hearts is through their stomachs. If you’re wondering how to surprise your teacher on Teacher’s Day, treats are a great option. Along with a World Teacher’s Day banner, nothing says “thank you” like something homemade. And don’t forget the token red apple. Every teacher loves a shiny red apple on his or her desk at the start of the day.

3. “Tell on” a Teacher:

For the teacher who has gone the extra mile for their students, go the extra mile for him or her. Contact the administrators or principals to let them know how hard your child’s teacher is working. Give specifics and describe the results of his or her efforts on your child’s life. Not only will the teacher know their students appreciate them, but they will feel immensely encouraged hearing positive feedback from the person they report to.

4. Make a Craft:

In addition to making a World Teacher’s Day banner, there are many other crafts that can show a teacher they are appreciated while also getting the students involved. Get the whole classroom together and spell out “thanks” by having the kids lie on the ground and spell out the word with their bodies. After taking and printing an aerial view of the picture, frame it in the school colors for the classroom. The teacher will always remember their class and appreciate the creativity and work put into the gift.

                                      Students pose in the shape of "Thanks"

5. Give a Supplies Basket:

As teachers often feel the burden to dip into their own pockets for school supplies, a nice gesture would be to fill a basket with various items like markers, scissors, glue, and tape. You could even give these multi-colored crayons a try for a fun surprise. The teacher is sure to appreciate the help with supplying the classroom and focus on what they do best: teaching and inspiring.

Even if you simply go into the classroom and say “thank you”, you can show teachers how much they mean to you and your children. Regardless of how you show your appreciation, always remember how much your child’s teacher desires for students to achieve. Every day we are amazed at how Boosterthon teachers impact children, and we are thrilled to show our appreciation.

For more tips about how to surprise your teacher on Teacher’s Day and to show your teacher some love, visit our Facebook page. Give them a shout out!

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