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If you're an educator or parent, you're probably wondering: How can I lead my students through an unprecedented crisis like this? What tools and principles do I need to guide an already anxious generation through an incredibly anxious season?

We get it—there’s a lot to think about, and this isn't the kind of thing they prepare you for in school. But it is possible to lead well through a crisis. If you’re asking yourself these questions, we can help.

Recently, we hosted a LIVE Q+A with Dr. Tim Elmore——author, Generation Z expert, and founder of Growing Leaders.

Tim and Booster founder/CEO Chris Carneal had a conversation entitled, "Adjusting the Sails, Leading the Most Anxious Generation in the Most Anxious of Times."

In this video, you'll learn: 

  • Who Gen Z is and why they’ve been dubbed “the most anxious generation”

  • What posture educators and parents need to be modeling for students during this time

  • The 3 “daily checks” you need to lead others effectively

  • Inspirational stories of how people have redeemed this time and creatively served others

  • The 3 positive scenarios and 3 negative scenarios as a result of this pandemic

  • The one thing school cultures need most right now

  • 3 quick tips for teachers as they lead students remotely

  • 3 simple tips for parents working at home with kids

  • 3 practical tips for how to talk to students during this crisis

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