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When you work with a Booster team like Logistics, identifying a strong leader is not very hard to do.  In fact, in my first days on the job, it was difficult for me to discern who was in charge -- not because of camaraderie or ego, but because in the Booster world, anyone and everyone takes charge, leads, and inspires.  Everyone shines here by sheer example.  

Every team member, regardless of corporate hierarchy, plays a vital role in the company’s success. All are encouraged to step up, take charge and, critically, “fail forward”– an empowering concept for any company.   

Booster’s purpose involves changing the world through the work we do with schools, helping them raise needed funds for everything from technology to playground equipment. But personally, working here has already changed my world from the inside out.

In late February of this year, I began my journey as a temporary worker. You would think that I would be, at the very least, left out of a few meetings. But that was not the case at Booster – much to my surprise. In fact, I never felt like I was on the outside looking in. 

While receiving the tour of the warehouse where I would work, I strolled through each aisle and instantly felt a part of the “we” that is in Booster’s mission. They welcomed me with the same “Booster Welcome” that they give full-time employees, which includes a tunnel-run through, an explosion of confetti, cheering staff, and energizing music. There was a vibrancy and a volt of youthful electricity flowing around every corner. I felt it in the smiles offered; heard it in the brotherly exchanges amongst teammates. I instantly felt as if I were part of the team. How could I feel that when I was “just a temp?!” 

Well, when a team demonstrates authentic culture, assures you that failure really is okay, and speaks fluent leadership, it is time to take notes. So, I did. What I learned is that we have some very well-thought-out and disciplined programs in place that help us innovate each day that any aspiring leader could implement.  

Booster’s Culture

I noticed that the company’s virtues, including wisdom, gratitude, care, and grit were not just words. The Logistics Team upholds these characteristics from procurement to purchase order to packaging, and always to the people we serve. The spirit of humility and confidence that I have found in my team is both inspiring and unparalleled to any corporate culture I have experienced previously. We work smart, efficiently, and have fun while doing so. Our packages contain the tagline: “Fun Stuff Inside!” We take great pride in raising fun to the next level, while accomplishing our jobs and enjoying our work.  

Failing at Booster

Our culture is designed for innovation. This means we are all encouraged to try new things -- and fail. It is called “failing forward” because even failures lead to learning, and often improvements. Having tried something new, you have always made a step forward, even when things do not go right. So, we are all about “going for it!” Simply put, take a chance. If it works, great. If it does not, own it, understand it, and learn from it. 

Booster’s Leadership. 

Initially, I was only supposed to be on this assignment temporarily; but from the first day, when I and the other temps arrived, we were not only invited, but expected to bring our faces, our voices, and any suggestions or observations to the group. I did not know a temp’s thoughts could be so valuable, but this attitude is a reflection of all the members who show up and shine --  Every. Single. Day. 

Ultimately, I see all of us as leaders because we’re all willing to serve, to assist, and to offer our very best! Recently, one of our team members shared how humility must also be the driving force of our virtue to deliver care consistently. Humility isn’t often a word that’s recognized and celebrated in the way that our team does it, but I’m so grateful I was able to hear and learn it firsthand. Humility is our secret sauce. Someone once said, “If serving is beneath you, then leading is beyond you!” 

When my manager later offered me a full-time job, I already felt the culture, support, and leadership that I knew would benefit me. I would not want to be anywhere other than Booster right now. I look forward to learning more here and inheriting all the distinctive qualities that have made this job my home, and my teammates my friends. 


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