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Boosterthon’s NEW character theme Big World Recess has officially kicked off! This year, we will serve over 1 million students in 1,625 schools nationwide. And while we deliver a better student experience every year, this year, we’re fired up to roll out all new resources to nearly 60,000 teachers that will make the program the best yet.

A smiling Booster memberTo walk you through our three biggest improvements for teachers, meet our Program Excellence Manager, Katie Bersinger. As a former teacher, Katie is an instrumental part of the team that constantly searches for ways to improve the Boosterthon experience for everyone, including teachers. Listening to a ton of teacher feedback from last year and using her own teaching experience, Katie and our Program Excellence team are providing 3 new and improved resources to Boosterthon teachers. Teachers have a lot to think about, so everything here was created with teachers in mind.

The Teacher Kit – At the Teacher Meeting, teachers will receive this beautifully designed package full of resources. The kit includes easy-to-follow action steps, a program overview sheet, a class flag (for decorating), the pledge-o-meter, every character sticker, a character video disc, the Big World Recess character magazine, and a teacher pledge incentives handout. Teachers recieve everything early and upfront to make planning ahead super easy.

“Every aspect of this piece is for teachers," said Katie. “The resources inside provide structure and understanding to each area of the program. Even the cover is designed for teachers: to honor them and highlight the influence they have on so many students’ lives.”



Teacher Email Templates – On funrun.com, we are providing a one-stop shop for teachers to communicate with parents. From daily program lessons and updates, to parent action steps, communication with parents is easier than ever.

“These templates are easily accessible, customizable, and are a great way teachers can quickly communicate with every parent.”

Teacher Meeting – The teacher meeting is a pre-program experience we have always provided, but this year, it’s more concise and more fun.

“From daily classroom responsibilities to Fun Run Day expectations, we want every teacher to leave the teacher meeting feeling 100% prepared for the Boosterthon week and understand their role in the program.”

We’ve invested in our teachers, so they feel the honor they deserve. And we’re all looking forward to hearing feedback from teachers this year so we can make next year even better.

Teachers, thank you for your support during the Boosterthon program and an even bigger thank you for making a world of difference in your students’ lives!

From the cover of our Teacher Kit:

"We all have one - that ONE teacher who rocked our world, and we never forget that one as long as we live, living on in our memories forever. Why? Because, even when she didn’t realize it, she was a light - OUR LIGHT. He sparked some passion buried DEEP in our kid-sized souls. She brought to light a TALENT we didn’t know we had. They were MAKING A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE, even on the rainy days, and we’ve never forgotten. We never forgot that time she cared about us on a day we felt so small. We never forgot that first-time feeling of being believed in. For it was never JUST about the water cycle, the Mayflower and the capitol of Oregon. That teacher - that ONE we remember - dealt in hearts alive, spirits lifted, and hope restored. And these - THESE! - are the ones that CHANGE THE WORLD."



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