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Should we host a fundraiser at all this school year? Many parent groups and administrators asked themselves this question back in August and even continue to do so today. With potential job insecurity in communities and the disruption to the normal learning environment, should schools even host a fundraiser at all?

But with costly opening expenses, needs to better facilitate virtual learning, surprise budget cuts, and providing enough staffing and equipment throughout the school year, schools need to raise more funds than ever before.

So, the question becomes, “What are the best virtual fundraising ideas during these times?”

We’ll outline three virtual fundraising ideas that are not only proven to work during these crazy times for schools, but they each can serve a particular purpose beyond just raising funds. We’re confident that one of these ideas will work for your school this important year.


Beyond funds, many schools are looking to engage students, whether they are learning on-campus or virtually. But with a majority of schools early in the year doing virtual learning or a hybrid model, safe fundraisers that can be flexible to include virtual students will not only have a huge benefit on overall profit but also on school spirit and connection.

Since this past April, 100,000 students have participated in virtual and hybrid Boosterthon fundraising programs. With both on-campus and virtual options, the Boosterthon program starts off with a fun virtual kick-off, followed by two-weeks of character programming, all while families gather donations from extended family and friends. Then the program finishes with fun fitness events like a Boosterthon Fun Run or, their newest option, Boosterthon DanceFit. The DanceFit event was created in partnership with JustDance, the world-famous dance game, to create a fundraising experience schools have never seen before. Each of Boosterthon’s event days include every student, no matter if families financial participate, or students are learning at home or at school.

Schools love Boosterthon programs because they are easy to do, the Boosterthon team provides a tremendous amount of service that takes all the work off of schools, and the online fundraising platform is the most effective in the industry. Currently 68% of all donors are non-parents, which means schools are easing the fundraising burden off of parents and allowing families’s personal connections to bring in more funds. They’ve also added corporate matching to their online fundraising platform, which allows all donors to check to see if their employer offers corporate matching—right from the donation page. This has brought hundreds of additional dollars in profit to schools, with some profiting up to $4,000 in corporate matching dollars alone!

So what are some early Boosterthon fundraising results from this school year?

Alverno Heights Lower School in California, hosted the first virtual Boosterthon of the school year in August. They profited $40,000 and exceeded their fundraising goal, using Boosterthon to give them an easy, fun experience while engaging students virtually.

“Using Boosterthon’s virtual program, we raised over $40,000 for student iPads and classroom Smart TVs for Alverno Heights Lower School—in just 16 days!” said their PTA President.

A Boosterthon fundraiser is perfect for schools who are looking for a virtual fundraiser (or on campus) that is proven to work when the learning environment is in flux and is able to rally all families together for a fun, fitness event that engages all students.

Learn more about hosting a Boosterthon fundraiser >


Another virtual fundraising idea is opening a School Spirit Wear store. If your school community would appreciate fundraising through products that enhance school spirit, then a school spirit wear store is a great place to start. These online stores make it incredibly easy for schools to sell and market their own school spirit products. By partnering with Booster Spirit Wear for your online school spirit wear store, schools can offer a variety of high-quality apparel items like sweatshirts, t-shirts, beanies, hoodies, joggers, and even tumblers—all with their school logo or encouraging message. Booster Spirit Wear even offers a design service if you haven’t quite nailed down that perfect design just yet.

When the design is set, and apparel is selected, schools simply mark the price up for each item to raise funds with every purchase. All schools need to do is a few steps to get their school spirit store up and running. Instead of building up for a big event, this type of fundraiser is happening more in the background of the school day and can be promoted throughout the school year as seasonal items arrive. So, if your school community wants something a little more low-key, this could be the fundraiser for you.

Shadow Forest Elementary in Kingwood, TX, profited more than $3,000 using a spirit wear store. And they only chose to sell one type of shirt.

Check out Booster Spirit Wear’s interactive catalog to see how you can easily raise funds this school year by opening an online school spirit store.

Learn more about hosting a School Spirit Store fundraiser >


If you don’t want your fundraising to be product-based and don’t want to host a student-focused event, then a Booster Direct Give is your sweet spot. A direct give campaign allows schools to simply set up a giving page for parents to make one-time donations. Booster Direct Give has taken Booster’s 18 years of serving schools and maximized the donation platform for easy, quick giving.

Schools just set up their donation page, customize it to their school, and ask parents to give. It’s that simple. Corporate matching is also included in the platform, which makes raising more and bring in outside donations easier compared to other direct donation pages.

For schools that don’t feel it’s the right time to engage families through an event or apparel sales, but still need the essential resources to run the school year, a simple direct give campaign with Booster Direct Give is tailor-made for you.

The Highlands School in Irving, Texas, profited $5,200 earlier this school year with a Booster Direct Give.

And schools also use their Booster Direct Give platform for a variety of online fundraising ideas:

  • Digitizing “Write a check” Campaigns
  • Collecting Donations for Annual Fund
  • School Booster Club Fundraiser
  • Family Hardships Scholarship/Fundraiser
  • Build a Playground Fundraiser
  • School Technology Fundraiser
  • Outdoor Learning Supplies Fundraiser

Learn more about hosting a Booster Direct Give fundraiser >

We hope these three virtual fundraising ideas give you an encouraging glimpse how schools are effectively fundraising this school year, even with major adjustments on the school learning schedule.

You can raise funds, can include your school community in the right way, and can strengthen your school through a great fundraiser.

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