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JT Thoms has been a Boosterthon team member for four years and is now the City Leader of our new Phoenix, AZ area.

He and his wife Bethany packed up their car and left Jacksonville, FL for a bright future in Phoenix. And we get to tag along on their 4-day adventure.

Check out the highlights from their road trip out West!


Jacksonville, FL -------> Phoenix, AZ

One of their favorite stops East of the Mississippi was New Orleans, LA, for some beignets and some good 'ole creole cooking! Next time you're there, visit Cafe du Monde or Acme Seafood for incredible Louisiana fare.

By far the longest portion of the trip was through the great state of Texas. JT and Bethany had a blast catching up with some Houston Boosterthon team members as they explored the Wild West!

Making a quick pit stop at The Alamo to soak in some U.S. history, they also sampled authentic "Tex Mex," and played tourist.

And finally, after 2050 miles, 12 oysters, 8 fajitas, 7 states, 4 days and 2 beignets later, the Thoms made it to their new home in Phoenix.

That backdrop doesn’t even look real! Booster Nation can’t wait to see how JT and Bethany will make a positive and lasting value on schools in Phoenix.

Do you know of a school in the Phoenix area? Please send in any school contacts to information@boosterthon.com. We would love to meet them!



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