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We receive letters from schools, parents, & students all over the nation describing their experience with the Boosterthon - and we love reading them. Especially when we read that students want to be leaders . . .

And if they want to be a Boosterthon leader . . . well, it's icing on the cake.

Spenser posing with a Boosterthon t shirt.


Meet Spencer,  a 4th grader at HB Williams Elementary School in White House, TN, who one day could be serving schools on our team.

When Spencer and his mom, Terri, reached out to us, they shared a story that left us curious for more information about this rockstar!

Check out the original story about Spencer's Boosterthon experience with a Q&A to follow! See for yourself why were so excited to interview this star student.




Q: How many Boosterthons have you been a part of? Which theme was your favorite and why?

A: I have been part of Boosterthon for 5 years, and my favorite theme was Highway USA because I like going on road trips, so the theme fit with what I like to do.

Q: What is your favorite Boosterthon memory?

A: My favorite memory was how excited I was when I learned about it in kindergarten. Because it was something new I had never done.


Q: Which Camp High Five character lesson was your favorite and why?

A: Show Sportsmanship. Because I play a lot of sports and it feels really bad when others win then gloat. I hope I never make anyone feel that way.


Q: With the Boosterthon, students are able to help their school fund projects like new technology, desks, & buildings! How have you helped your school at this year's Boosterthon?

A: I was able to raise $140 this year, and our school is going to use the money raised to purchase new technology such as computers, tablets, and smart boards.


Q: You will be in middle school soon! Do you think Boosterthon has taught you anything that will help you make new friends or start at a new school?

A: It has taught me that bullying isn't ok. So I think that will help me make friends at the middle school. I also think that respecting others is really important. I am going to meet a lot of new people at the middle school and we aren't all going to be the same.


Q: If you became a Boosterthon leader in the future, what would you want your name to be?

A: My Boosterthon name would be Super Spencer! I even had a shirt when I was younger with the Superman logo and my name on it!! I would really like to be a Boosterthon leader!!


It's conversations like these that inspire our teams! 

Interested in hearing more about our phenomenal team? Check out this story of a teacher turned Boosterthon leader! Hear her testimony of how the two worlds mesh together.

If you have a story to share with us, we are all ears! Email news@boosterthon.com to send in your story.

And as for Super Spencer . . . watch out Team Nashville! You have a rising leader on your hands!


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