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Boosterthon Readers!

Since we released our first children’s book 3 years ago during the Leader Launch character theme, I’ve received some wonderful reviews from teachers, parents, and our team on how much students enjoy experiencing each Boosterthon character theme through a fun story.

robert-book-picOver the years, students have dressed up as the main characters, created their own reading quizzes, and have even chosen the books as their favorite for that year. As an author, there’s no better feedback than that. I was blown away.

But last year when I asked two 5th grade teachers how they liked the Epic Adventure book, I received some feedback that would change the way I approached this year’s children’s book: “The book is great but it’s a bit too easy for my older students.” It was a suspicion I had but it was now confirmed.

And that’s all it took for me to start working on a 177-page chapter book designed for 3rd - 5th graders.

In December 2011, I started creating a story that would complement the Highway USA K-2 illustrated book but would challenge our older students in specific ways:

  • It would build vocabulary. Readers will learn the definitions of “impromptu,” “mettle,” “decipher” and other great words.
  • It would be full of fun, historical facts about America. Readers will learn the biographies of our 5 “Highway Heroes” plus over 50 historical facts about American history. Readers will also be introduced to an organization whose lineage is “sewn” right into the fabric of U.S. history, all the way back from when our flag had only 29 stars.
  • It would have a fast-paced, gripping plot. Alongside the main characters, readers will quickly decode clues before ticking timers expire and the story’s villain, a mastermind history thief, keeps his stolen artifact.
  • It would have quirky, relatable characters. Inside the heart of every child is adventure; sometimes distractions (video games, music and pop culture) get in the way. For Luke and Lacy Crossing, choosing to focus on the things that matter most means choosing adventure.
  • It would be entertaining but wouldn’t sacrifice teaching good character. The book highlights the importance of choices, our “Highway Heroes,” and the 5 “Choice Challenges,” but it also talks about legacy and reputation—how people remember you, how choices can determine the stories others tell about you.

With middle school on the horizon for our older students, their choices in elementary school can become habits they’ll carry into the future. And since the book’s main characters are headed to middle school after summer break, our readers will also think about what type of reputation they’re creating right now.

To get a better picture of the story, here’s the summary:

When their school flag is stolen, apathetic twins Luke and Lacy Crossing are commissioned by the school’s secret underground task force to crisscross America and follow the clues of a mastermind history thief. Though at first devastated to spend the entire summer on a boring road trip, the twins soon discover that their school flag is not just any flag, that their family’s history made them prime targets for the thief’s elaborate game, and that making the right choices are more crucial than ever.

We’re excited to see the impact of this book on our amazing students! Just like all of our books, this one is a free gift to each classroom, 3rd grade and up.character books_white bkgd

Bring character home. Buy a book!

Boosterthon’s donated 65,000 books to our schools since 2010, but if you would like to bring one home, purchase either our K-2 illustrated book or our first chapter book on Amazon. Click HERE!

The cost is $8.99 per book. A perfect gift for the upcoming holidays.


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