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Boosterthon students are going nuts for our Camp High Five character “Stanley the Squirrel.” What was first designed to be just a funny interaction in our character videos between the main character, Chuck Friendly, and his friendly-nemesis, Stanley the Squirrel, has turned into a phenomenon.

Stanley the Squirrel_BoosterthonIn our video series, Chuck and Stanley’s feud begins when Stanley stole (again) the entire camp’s peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Chuck vows to capture mischievous Stanley, and the game of cat and mouse continues throughout the videos.

(Don’t worry. In a character theme all about friendship, the two set aside their differences in the end and become, well . . . friends.)

What’s funnier than the skit are our students’ reaction to Stanley the Squirrel and how our schools are making Camp High Five come alive even more.

For instance, on the morning announcements at North Springfield Elementary in Springfield, VA, the PTA shares that a Stanley the Squirrel doll will be hiding some place new around the school every day. The staff and students got into the hunt and there were cheers reported in the halls when he was found.  Tracie Nisker from North Springfield said, “It added another level of excitement to an already fabulous fundraiser.”

At Endhaven Elementary in Charlotte, NC, Stanley watches our Team Huddle presentations from a different perch and students suggest where he should sit the following day.

A 5th grade class at Ogle Elementary in Frisco, TX, had an impromptu puppet show with Stanley about what it feels like to be thought of as the camp menace.

And at Will Rogers Elementary in Edmond, OK, Stanley visited the life skills and special needs classes to be hugged and squeezed.

Stanley is even on our minds here in the Boosterthon Home Office. Whenever a squirrel scampers by the window, I think toStanley the Squirrel_Boosterthon 1 myself, “Wouldn’t you know? It’s Stanley the Squirrel.”

Our CFO’s name is Stan. Can you guess his new nickname? Well, it’s actually “Stanimal,” but we thought about changing it. Needless-to-say, we’re having fun with this theme.

For our spring schools, I hope this gives you great inspiration for all the excitement your school can experience with the Boosterthon team and Camp High Five.

And parents, be sure to log in to funrun.com with your student to watch the daily character video and see all that’s happening at camp.

Check out one of Chuck and Stanley’s funniest encounters at the end of our post-program pledge collection reminder.


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