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They are hands-down everyone’s favorite part of the Boosterthon Fun Run program. You know them as Jumping Josh, Super Annie, Rad Chad, Epic Emily, and more. You guessed it, our Boosterthon team!

This is how you normally know them.

Boosterthon Team

But, let’s be honest. Sometimes everything doesn’t go according to plan or we get completely surprised.

And then you’ll see our many faces.

This is the face when the Boosterthon All-Star goes missing 2 minutes before the Pep Rally begins.

A surprised Booster team member.

This is the face when we realize our favorite parent leaders brought us lunch . . .

Booster team member known as Crazy Zack

. . . and this is what happens when the girls from Orlando try to be cool like the 5th graders.

Nicole and Shawna pose

And sometimes, we can’t remember if we had our morning coffee . . .

Max from Booster

. . . and other times we wonder if we’ve maybe had too much coffee.


You might see these faces when we have 6 Fun Runs in one day . . . (breathe, guys, breathe.)

Three Booster team members pose for the photo.

And this is the face when we mentally prepare for our first time on the microphone at a Pep Rally.

Booster team member Tran

Boosterthon team members make a lot of faces. We get nervous before event days, we get tired after long Fun Run days, and we get so much joy from working with our amazing school partners.

Thanks for making silly faces with us.



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