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Every year, we host a giveback initiative and invite our schools to help change the world by thinking of others. The 2015-16 giveback is The Great Shoe Takeoff! Boosterthon classrooms will help us send shoes from America to people across the world who need shoes.



There are people all around the world who don’t have shoes. But here in America we have TONS of shoes, especially ones we’ve outgrown. Instead of throwing our gently-worn shoes away, what if we gave them to someone in need? Shoes mean comfort, but in other countries, shoes can also mean education and jobs. Many people simply don’t have the right shoes to open the right doors.



The challenge is the cost of shipping thousands of those shoes to new owners far away—it isn’t cheap. That’s where The Great Shoe Takeoff steps in.




For every $30 per lap a class reaches during the Fun Run program, we’re teaming up with non-profit delivery partners who will fly a pair of shoes to meet a new owner in another country, and Boosterthon will pay for their one-way trip.

Our goal is to send 60,000 pairs shoes overseas to make 60,000 people a little happier.




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