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Did you know when Boosterthon is on campus, the world gets a little smaller? It’s true. Instead of just asking parents to carry the majority of fund raising, through funrun.com parents can ask for a pledge from their old college roommate who now lives in England, or their second cousin who works for a Japanese business. Amazingly, 72% of all Boosterthon pledges come from sponsors who aren’t parents, but are still connected to local schools here in the U.S.

And there’s one Boosterthon school that may know this power better than any other—and it started with our “50 State Challenge.”

Like most Boosterthon schools, Round Top Elementary in Blythewood, SC, a quaint town, took our challenge to get pledges from all 50 states. And it’s not always easy (there’s always pesky South Dakota and elusive Idaho). Not only did this school with just 566 students get pledges from all 50 states, but they also got pledges from . . . are you ready? 36 countries. 36!IMG_5385

So, how did a small South Carolina elementary school in a town of just over 2,000 people get pledges from all over the world? I spoke with Principal Jeaneen Tucker, and she said it was due to “the incredible enthusiasm from our school community to help our school.”

Here’s how Round Top Elementary circled the globe:

Enthusiasm. From the Rock’n Town Live decorations to all the support shown from faculty, staff and the PTO, Round Top Elementary couldn’t wait for the Boosterthon team to arrive!

Reminders. Mrs. Tucker said the Team huddles, daily announcements, and school social media posts encouraged her students to take action, and before she knew it, families were helping their school far beyond her expectations.

Asking, “Who else do we know?” 3% of Round Top students have international parents. So, getting pledges from France, Iran, Morocco, Korea, and Mexico meant reaching out to other family members through our “share” function on funrun.com. One family, who used to live in the United Arab Emirates while the father was stationed in the U.S. Air Force, connected with longtime friends from overseas, receiving pledges from over 20 countries!

Round TopGenerous sponsors from all 50 states and 36 countries will help Round Top make upgrades to their facilities and playground. For our schools with big dreams to improve student education, it’s nice to know that large tasks can become a little smaller and a lot more fun.


What a joy to see people from all walks of life and all areas of the world join together to help Round Top Elementary accomplish their goal! Congratulations! Think you can top it next year?

Curious what 36 countries supported Round Top? (Try to say them all in one breath)

The United States, South Africa, South Korea, Panama, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Germany, Italy, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, China, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Japan, Ethiopia, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago, Oman, Ireland, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, Philippines, Costa Rica, Palestinian Territory, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Austria, India, Vietnam, and France.

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