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Over the last four years, every Boosterthon classroom has received a children’s book that complements our character theme. But for the first time there’s an email address and invitation to students and teachers in the back of the book to give Showing off the High Five physical copyme, the author, feedback about the story.

I was really curious to find out what people would say. Would I get silence because no one read it (that’s the worst), critique on the storyline and word choice (future books can improve), or a few scattered compliments (fingers crossed).

After all, this is a book that kindergarteners all the way up to novel-reading fifth graders are supposed to enjoy. Plus, teachers read great books all. the. time.

I was ready for mixed reviews.

Here are the reviews for Boosterthon’s Camp High Five and the Great Cabin Caper.


2nd Grade. Ms. Peterson. John Ross Elem in Edmond, OK.

Comments from my students!

 "You can learn from the book to change bullies into friends," said Anna.

"Even though people make fun of you, some people will like you for who you are," said Haylee.

"It's cool the author mixed up spying and Cabin Caper," said Neel.


3rd Grade. Ms. Stevens. Real Life Christian Academy in Clermont, FL

My class loved your story. I read a bit each day and they were riveted to their seats. We are going to try our own caper. Loved your concept.


4th Grade. Ms. Walker. Chimney Lakes Elem School in Jacksonville, FL.

In fourth grade, the students are tested for their writing, and your book is packed with great vocabulary, dialogue, and expression. 

The discussion questions were awesome, and allowed for a meaningful way for the students to talk about the book.  Even my shy students were piping in. We also did the follow up Campfire Story activities.  It was interesting to see that when given the choice of which activity, that a majority chose the topic of creating a message to send to bullies. This was a topic that hit home for more of them than I realized.



I usually do not take the time to reply to author spots, but this book was extraordinary, and benefited my students. Thank you for writing such a kid friendly book.


2nd Grade. Ms. Perry. Savannah Christian Prep in Savannah, GA.

I have to say that I read tons of children's books to my class. Some of them I read over and over because they are great literature, some because I just love them, and some because my class loves them.

 I WILL read this book over and over again. I was even intrigued to find out what Camden would do next. Absolutely fantastic job!! I can't wait for the next one!!


Needless to say I was blown away by the feedback. I’m just glad classes are reading it, enjoying it, and most importantly, learning from it.

You can find the book FREE on the Boosterthon App. Just search “Boosterthon” in your app store.

But if you’re old-fashioned like me, you enjoy the feeling of a book in your hands.

Purchase a copy for your home to see what all the fuss is about.

Plus, you can email feedback to Author@boosterthon.com with any thoughts.

Happy reading!


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