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It’s finally summer and we hope you are enjoying a fun-filled and relaxing time with your family. Family and health are so important to us, so we created 7 ways you can integrate fitness into your family’s summer plans and build unforgettable memories while doing it.

1. Explore the Great Outdoors: What better way to get your student prepared for our 2011-2012 Boosterthon character theme, Epic Adventure, than taking your children on their own adventure! Spending time outdoors, camping, hiking, and exploring the woods are not only fun, but they provide great learning experiences for your children. Not sure where to go? Find a national park near you.

Families camping and enjoying a fire.

2. Your Local Swimming Hole: The community pool has all the makings of a great summer: games, friends, family time, and swimming. Whether your family lives at the pool all summer or just drop-in on the weekends, swimming is a great way to exercise and enjoy the warm weather. Kids can burn up to 145 calories with just an hour of swimming, and adults around 260 calories.

3. Neighborhood Block Party: In some communities, block parties may be rare, but in others, they are a staple of summer-time living—a potluck dinner, kickball games, watermelon seed spitting contests, the limbo, and lightning bugs. Block parties are a great way to slow life down for an evening, reconnect with your neighbors, and build memories with your family.

4. Family Improv. Night: Fill a bag with random items from around your house. Have one family member choose several items and take 1 minute to create a one-person skit with their props. If you’ve got some quirky actors in your family, this will surely lead to some good belly laughs.

5. Build a Fort: Summer thunderstorm putting the brakes on your outdoor plans? Build a fort! Move the couches around in your living room, bring out the blankets and pillows and watch how creative your children are. They’ll love taking the lead on this fun rainy day project.Students play soccer together.

6. Give Back to Others: Volunteering to help others allows your children to gain a different perspective and learn more about the world. School may be out, but they can learn the joy of donating their time and giving to others.  Find an organization your family can help.

7. Backyard Camping: Rough it in the backyard and host a backyard camping party. Center a sleepover around a fire and sharing funny or scary stories, instead of watching movies. Cook over the fire or grill and enjoy being outside with friends and family.

Make it your family’s best summer yet and accomplish all 7 family fitness activities! Stay healthy and create memories.

Let us know how many of these activities your family’s done and how much fun you’ve had on our Facebook Page.

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