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*Updated April 16, 2020*

As families navigate school closings and remote learning, we want you to know that our teams are committed to supporting you. That’s why we’ll be introducing some new and exciting resources for families.

Starting this Wednesday, we'll be posting some amazing content for you and your students on our Facebook page—so make sure to like our page and check in each day!

Here's what our lineup of educational, character, and fitness-based content will include: 

1. Daily Booster Story TimeEvery day at 9 a.m. EST.

until April 1st


A Booster Team Member will read a beloved children’s book aloud. To see a recap, visit here!

2. Daily Family Fitness Breaks - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon EST. until May 31st


A team member will lead fun exercises to keep your students and families moving at home. 

3. National Fun Run Program - March 23rd to April 1st

Starting next week, we're kicking off a LIVE, online Fun Run program. Each day, one of our team members will be leading a "virtual huddle," where we'll lead your students in some fitness exercises, teach a character lesson, and more! Please note: this is NOT a fundraiser. 

Plus, we’re opening up our Character Video Library to all schools and families across the country for the rest of the school year—so you can now stream 75+ character and fitness-based videos at no cost.

Visit BoosterthonCharacter.com to start streaming now!

We hope these resources serve not only as helpful tools but also as opportunities for families to engage in character-building conversations and stay active at home. Feel free to share these resources with your school community, family, and friends!

As always, we remain committed to serving and strengthening you. 

-The Booster Team

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