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As Teacher Appreciation Week comes to a close, I have been left wondering why we reserve a mere week to thank some of the world’s most influential leaders. So, I asked some of our Booster team members why teachers should be celebrated all year.

Booster Raving Fans all done up for a fun dance.

Share this with teachers who have impacted your life or the lives of your children, and don’t forget to say a big “thank you!”

  • Teachers should be celebrated year round because they are not only educators, but also nurses, disciplinarians, counselors, safety patrol, and sometimes even parents. Unlike many occupations, the job they do will affect everyone at some point because they instill knowledge and character into the next generation. – Coby Rosson, Boosterthon Atlanta
  • Teachers should be celebrated 365 days a year because they are intentionally growing the leaders of tomorrow! They believe in, encourage, and bring out the best in their students each and every day! – Emily Haile, Boosterthon Greenville, SC
  • My wife was a teacher and I could see first hand that being a teacher is MUCH more than an 8am to 3pm job. Teachers are amazing people! – Brad Maines, Boosterthon Columbia, SC
  • I think teachers should be celebrated 365 days a year because on a daily basis they selflessly give their time, energy, and even money to help teach and mold the minds of our youth! We entrust them to help raise the next generation of American leaders! – Chris Sowell, Boosterthon Chicago
  • Teachers go above and beyond every day. They are true world changers! Teachers give so much time and energy to set their students up for success! – Palmer Trice, Boosterthon Raleigh
  • Teachers should be celebrated 365 days a year because, they not only find a way to corral (sometimes) high-spirited students for 8 hours everyday, but also make it fun for them to become great leaders. –Andrew Moore, Boosterthon Greenville, SC

The Booster team works with teachers every single day. We see the amazing ways they serve their students and school communities. Today we acknowledge their dedication to the next generation and we hope to encourage them the way they support and cheer for us day after day.



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