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Teacher Appreciation Week is in May, but frankly, teachers are exhausted by that time. Teachers play such a critical role in the development of our children—why not ensure that they know how grateful we are for them all year long? I’ve seen the power of celebrating others along the way, not just at the end. It pays off with happier people, better momentum, and a stronger finish to the year. 

Now, celebrating others makes the biggest impact when you’re able to customize some of the activities specifically to the individual. It doesn’t always have to be customized, but when you can, do it—even with simple things like their favorite snack or coffee drink. Customization makes all the difference.  

How to start:

I recommend beginning with a quick online survey to capture people’s “favorites!” Develop a simple online survey your teachers can complete to share with you their top thing they love. A few examples:

  • Color
  • Snack
  • Coffee/Tea Drink
  • Cookie
  • Target or Amazon preference for personal or classroom shopping
  • Favorite sports team to cheer for 

This will come in handy for various celebration opportunities throughout the year–PROMISE! If you already have this information developed and readily available for your room parents to use, you’re ahead of the game!

Expert Tip: Consider setting up a Google Drive where you can easily share resources (like these survey results) with your room parents. This avoids people losing information in email. They simply need the Google Drive shared with them, and they’ll have access to all of the important information they need to communicate and celebrate well with their teachers.

Below are seven ways your school’s parent association can engage your school community in celebrating your teachers, all year long.

Surprise The Teacher Day!

Set up an online sign-up and let families in each class pick one of the days and bring in something for the teacher–can be a special card, flowers, coffee, smoothie, cookies, gift card, etc. It doesn’t have to be anything big – it’s the thought that counts. See how the list of “favorites” can be used here to spark ideas for families?

You Are Music To My ears!

Spice up your teachers’ morning commutes or planning period with a customized Spotify playlist full of good music! Easily create a playlist with holiday favorites, throwback jams, or even the year’s favorite hits!

Custom School Gear – Just For Teachers

Celebrate your teachers with custom apparel and products that go beyond an apple on their desk! Booster Spirit Wear has great blankets, tumblers, and cozy sweaters that make for great gifts for the holidays, or really anytime. Create a bundle of your favorite items or work with a Spirit Wear Consultant to build the perfect “grateful for you” bundle! Once items are selected, the Booster Spirit Wear team will curate the gifts and ship them straight to the recipient’s door for a special holiday surprise.  

Rally Room Parents For Class Needs

Consider having your room parents ask their teachers what needs their have for their class. For those in school, they may need wipes, cleaning supplies, paper plates for painting projects, more pencil boxes so students aren’t sharing supplies, etc. The needs are usually many and varied. Each parent can set up a sign-up for their class parents and have them sign-up to bring in the necessary supplies for that month.

Give Teachers Virtual Breaks

Considering having your room parents offer to have class parents or friends participate in virtual learning to give the teacher a break from teaching. Sure, they still need to be there, but they don’t have to lead. Here are some fun ways to provide teachers with a virtual break:

  • Virtual Parent or Grandparent Storytellers
  • Virtual Career Day Presentations with Parents
  • Virtual Trivia Game Hosted by a Parent or Parents
  • Virtual Dance Party, Fitness or Yoga Brain Breaks led by Parents

 With any of these ideas, it only becomes a break for the teacher if he/she doesn’t have to plan, coordinate and facilitate it virtually. Parents would take the lead in making this happen. This is a great support to your teachers, and it’s an opportunity for families to engage in a way with their child’s class, from afar.

Words of Appreciation and Inspiration

Have students in the class submit the top three to four words that come to mind when they think of their teacher. Then you put those words into a word cloud, which you can print out pop into a frame for them. There are many word cloud generator websites that can easily help you build the word clouds. This is a very easy gift for your teachers and is something they will treasure, because it’s based on their students’ appreciation for them.

Just Poppin’ By to Tell You That You’re Awesome!

Popilicious Popcorn Pops are fun, and affordable treats for your teachers. This makes for a great (and super easy) gift from the PTA, school administrator or the students in class, and can even be customized in school colors. You can ship directly to the teachers’ homes or send to the school. Best of all, use code “TEACHER” for 25% off site wide. 

Whether you are a PTA/PTO leader, school administrator, room parent, or you just know someone who is a teacher, let’s rally together to show these amazing educators some extra special love this year. Why wait for Teacher Appreciation Week in May? Make a teacher’s day today!


Author: Kim Miller

Kim is a full-time working mom with two children, ages 4 and 7. Right now she spends her days attempting to fill the big shoes of her children’s teachers while supporting her colleagues and clients (she’s Booster’s VP of Marketing), and taking parenting webinars to learn new strategies to keep the peace with everyone under one roof for a lengthy period! Kim’s also an active member of her school community (in-person and virtually), serving as a room mom, a member of the Parent Volunteer Association, and the chairperson of the school’s fun run.




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