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Our Creative Content Team was flattered, no, floored to receive the news that a Boosterthon school was performing a class play to our Highway USA soundtrack. Sure, our students enjoy our music, but weaving it into an entire play—really?


Orchard Park Elementary in Fort Mill, SC, finished their Boosterthon program this past Fall. Promptly after, the music teacher, Jennifer Moss, decided to include Boosterthon songs in a Spring play she was writing about the importance of good choices.

When our team heard about the performance, we immediately scheduled a road trip to witness these 4th graders’ hard work and their ode to our character theme about “making good choices.”

On Tuesday morning, our team slipped into the back of Orchard Park’s crowded cafeteria. Amid crazy costumes, passing microphones, colorful characters, silly jokes, real-life student struggles, and risers of chorus singers, we all watched a wonderful play about a girl named Alex who’s life was pock-mocked with bad choices.

In a dream, Alex is taken through her most recent choices and shown how she could have made better ones. Each lesson was punctuated with humor, practical solutions, and to our team’s delight, a Boosterthon song sung by the class.


Alex learns how she should “Step Up” as a leader because others are watching her. She should work hard to get “Better” at activities and go outside and play. She should take the “Higher Road” when faced with a difficult choice. And she should “Smile,” because it’s a sign of a good attitude.

The play was fantastic and the talent was exquisite! Our team was so honored to have our work featured in such a unique, student-led performance. When we chatted with the 4th graders after the play, we learned they’d practiced several hours a week for 10 weeks in preparation.

Wonderful job, Orchard Park 4th Graders. Our team gives you rave reviews!

Listen to a highlight of our Highway USA songs.


A very special “Thank you” to the members of the Orchard Park PTO who hosted an unbelievably welcoming (and tasty) breakfast for our team!

Thank you to Suzanne, Kirk, and John.

And also to Mary Frances for opening up your home to us . . . and for the overnight pecan French toast : )



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