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I have always been a planner. I was the type of person who outlined my 1-, 5-, and even 10-year plan clearly. I moved across the country to pursue my degree and was determined to make my dreams a reality. It was not long before I realized that the path that I was on I was not meant to take. I was confused and not quite sure what my next steps were, which was a foreign thought for me. 

In the time that I was pursuing my degree, more than 1,600 miles away from my family, I was plugged into some projects to serve my new community and give back. I have always had a heart to serve people and it gave me so much joy to do this in my free time. When I came to the point that I decided to change directions with my degree, it was this passion (and the advice from the people closest to me) that led me to one of the most incredible opportunities that changed the trajectory of my life. 

I decided to change majors and pursue a degree that would allow me to serve people every single day. In the meantime, I had bills to pay and college to pay for! I decided to get a full time job that would just be temporary until I graduated college and my “real” career could start. I was applying for jobs that were going to be flexible with my first priority: school. However, nothing I found seemed like something I wanted to spend so much of my waking hours doing. Just as I grew weary applying for these jobs, I came across a position that would be flexible with my school schedule, where I could be a role model for elementary students, and serve people. This job at Booster met all my “criteria!” I was beyond excited to get paid to do the things that I already enjoyed while finishing school. 

At Booster, I was able to serve people and my community daily. The company is comprised of mostly young adults, like me, who are navigating life, but are so intentional with developing themselves and each other while strengthening the community that they are part of. I felt so privileged to be part of the impact Booster was having. I was surrounded by more than just coworkers, they felt like my family. 

Naturally, I wanted more. I was hungry to develop myself and grow in the company. When I finished school and graduated, friends and family asked me the inevitable question, “What’s next?” I reflected on the reason I started my degree years ago: it was ultimately to get a career that would allow me to serve people and impact my community. I realized I was already doing just that and I was not ready to walk away from Booster. It was in that season of reflection that I decided Booster was where I was meant to be. That is when I realized my temporary job to get myself through college was a now career for me with so many new opportunities on the horizon. 

Since the day I started at Booster, my team has witnessed some of my biggest life achievements so far… and they were there cheering me on every step of the way. I love the company but I’m even more grateful for the people within the company. I truly believe I am a better friend, daughter, wife, and person because of Booster. The relationships I have formed with my team, inside the company, and with the amazing individuals within the schools that I have the privilege to serve will remain close to my heart. These were “value-adds” that my “plan” had never accounted for. My plan had changed, for the better. And I am incredibly grateful. 

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