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With many schools rolling the dice and putting on their own fundraisers, many school leaders are asking: “Should we outsource part of our fundraising to another organization or do everything ourselves in-house?"

It’s a great question, and since we serve over 3,000 schools every year, it’s something we have a ton of insight on. So we put together five reasons why outsourcing your fundraising is a smart decision.

Reason #1: You’ll Maximize Your Profit

Numbers don’t lie. Statistics have shown that when schools use Boosterthon to run their fundraiser, they profit more. In fact, schools who switch to Boosterthon profit 60% more (on avg.) than their best previous fundraiser (including ALL other fundraisers—product sale fundraisers, other Fun Run fundraisers, DIY Fun Run fundraisers, etc.).

At Boosterthon, we’ve spent the past 15+ years perfecting a fundraising program that’s profited elementary schools a combined total of over $200 million dollars. We know exactly what to do, what to say, and when to say it. It’s what our team of 700+ team members do every day. We delight in helping you profit more than ever.

Frankly, it’s a tall order for a handful of volunteers with full-time jobs as professionals and parents, with no fundraising experience to deliver the same kind of proven, professional program. That’s why we’re here to make the process highly profitable and painless for you.

Reason #2: You’ll Avoid Burning Out Your Parents and Reach More Donors Outside Your School Community

If you’ve ever been involved in elementary school fundraising, you know parent burnout is one of the most common issues. Families simply get tired of being asked for donations time after time throughout the year.

With our powerful pledging tools and state-of-the-art technology, you’ll reach donors far beyond your school, lifting the burden off parents and increasing your profit. In fact, 63% of Boosterthon pledges come from NON-parents. And on average, our school partners profit over $25,000 through those non-parent sponsors. Since Boosterthon is designed to reach a totally different audience than any other fundraiser you’ve used, your parents’ wallets can take a break for once.

Reason #3: You’ll Save Time

This may seem like an obvious reason, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. How much do you value your time? If you decide to put on your own fundraiser, you’re looking at hundreds upon hundreds of combined hours spent planning, coordinating, organizing, and executing—and you won’t even be sure that your efforts will pay off.

But when you hire Boosterthon you gain all that time back (because you’re paying someone to do it for you). Plus, if you end up raising more with Boosterthon than you would on your own, doesn’t that sound like a win-win? Profit more + save time = no brainer.

With our full-service option, Boosterthon team members spend about 350 hours per school planning, preparing, and executing each fundraising program we run. And we do it with a smile! :)

Reason #4: You’ll Avoid Burning Out Your Volunteers and Free Them Up to Do What They Do Best—Support Your School

If you’ve ever been a part of a parent organization, 1.) THANK YOU FOR VOLUNTEERING! 2.) You know that volunteers and volunteer hours are a FINITE, LIMITED resource. And like we said before, when you outsource your fundraising, you gain all the time back that otherwise would be spent on planning, organizing, and executing the whole thing.

With Boosterthon, volunteers are FREED up to do what they do best: support the needs of the school in ways only they can. When volunteers don’t have to worry about fundraising, they can invest MORE time in serving teachers, tutoring students, and providing other, much-needed support.

Let’s give an example. Say you have 10 volunteers (I know, you wish!) who can each give 36 hours a school year. That’s a total of 360 volunteer hours per year. If you decide to put on your own fundraiser, chances are at least 300 of those hours will be spent on it. That only leaves you with 60 volunteer hours to devote to other needs.

However, let’s say you decide to outsource your fundraiser with Boosterthon. Depending on which program you choose, you could spend as little as 60 total hours on fundraising. That leaves you with 300 volunteer hours to serve your teachers, students, and staff! Doesn’t that sound like a smarter way to serve your school?

Reason #5: You’ll Provide a Remarkable Experience for the Whole School

There’s a reason why people love Disney World. It’s because Disney is famous for creating incredible experiences that bring people together in a fun, memorable way.

At Boosterthon, we’re also professional experience-creators. Whether it’s through a high-energy Pep Rally, our interactive character themes, music at car line, or our world-famous Fun Run, our enthusiastic team members pride themselves on creating remarkable experiences for schools.

In fact, it’s one of the many reasons why over 3,000 schools partner with us year after year. Simply put, a group of volunteers can’t recreate the same level of energy and excitement for the entire student body and staff. Imagine if everyone actually LOVED your fundraiser?

Profit More + Stress Less + Save Time + Remarkable Experience = No Brainer

At the end of the day, experts make our lives easier. They style our hair, renovate our homes, and repair our cars. As Fun Run experts, we love giving our schools the results they need through a remarkable fundraising experience they actually LOVE.

We would love to do the same for you, and we can prove our results.

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