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Over the coming year, we'll be posting one Boosterthon case study every few weeks. Our goal is to give you an in-depth look at the stories behind the successes our partners have experienced with Boosterthon. We hope you enjoy these fascinating case studies.

Boosterthon Case Study: Orchard Park Elementary

When Ashli Welsh first heard about the Boosterthon Fun Run, she admits she didn’t really “get it.” It wasn’t until her two oldest children participated in the Boosterthon Fun Run at Orchard Park Elementary (OPES) in Fort Mill, SC, that she witnessed firsthand what an incredible program it was.

Ashli, now the current Co-President of the school’s PTO, had experienced a walk-a-thon fundraiser at her children’s previous elementary school but was not impressed. For a TON of work on the parents, the school only managed to raise around $7,000.

So when Ashli got involved in Orchard Park’s PTO, she was blown away by Boosterthon’s hassle-free program that produced consistently stellar financial results.

“Boosterthon and their team make the process of fundraising truly painless. The partnership we have with them is beneficial to the school in so many ways, and from a PTO standpoint, we’re able to do so much with the money raised. It truly could not get any simpler!” she said.

After their first Boosterthon program in 2009, the results were staggering: Orchard Park profited over $40,000—doubling their fundraising profit from the previous year’s catalog sale.

Over the past 8 consecutive years of partnership, Boosterthon has helped Orchard Park Elementary profit over $333,000. With those funds, they’ve been able to provide a number of game-changing educational resources for their students and teachers:

  • Google Chromebooks and a charging cart
  • iPads
  • A revamped playground and new playground equipment
  • STEM supplies for the whole school to use
  • Additional money for teachers to spend on classrooms projects
  • More books and classroom materials
  • Instructional literacy materials
  • And more

According to Ashli:

“The supplies we’re able to provide have enhanced the students' learning experience in ways too numerous to count. And the fact that we’re almost always able to provide for our teachers’ needs is a wonderful feeling. Without Boosterthon, I doubt we'd raise half the money we bring in.”


"Without Boosterthon, I doubt we'd raise half the money we bring in."


But Boosterthon’s partnership goes deeper than just financial results and educational resources. Matthew Johnson, principal of OPES, loves the value Boosterthon adds to their school in the form of character lessons and inclusivity too.

“I have appreciated and loved the fact that Boosterthon is more about community engagement and involvement of all stakeholders with a little fundraising sprinkled in,” he said. “The focus on those facets and character development are huge to me as a strong and successful program.”

Kristin Rhodes, assistant principal of OPES, agrees, noting that she appreciates Boosterthon’s emphasis on character and fitness.

“We love partnering with Boosterthon because it provides the financial support needed for our teachers and PTO while emphasizing our desire to teach character and physical fitness,” she said.

When asked what she would say to a school considering partnering with Boosterhton, Ashli responded immediately:

“Don't hesitate. Boosterthon and their team make fundraising truly painless, even fun! Their character lessons are a great way to get the kids excited, and the Boosterthon team members are some of the most genuinely energetic and enthusiastic people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. From the Pep Rally to the Fun Run and beyond, this is truly an amazing experience with fantastic results for the schools involved.”

Could your students benefit from:

  • New laptops and computer lab
  • New playground equipment
  • New STEM resources
  • New field trips
  • New SMART boards
  • New books
  • New gym floor

If so, click the button below to see if one of our proven programs is right for your school!

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