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First-year Boosterthon schools are often at a loss for words when describing their experience with our program. But every now and then, a school finds just the right ones. Case in point: Fairmount Elementary just outside of St. Louis, Missouri.

This past March our team had the privilege of serving Fairmount—our first ever elementary school in the St. Louis area. Fairmount had been doing their own fun run fundraiser for a number of years, but with little success. So they decided to give Boosterthon a try.

They were blown away by nearly every aspect of the program. In fact, Fairmount loved Boosterthon so much that Darla Kitsmiller, the school’s PTO Fun Run Chair, wrote this recommendation letter to schools considering the Boosterthon Fun Run.

So, what did she say?


April 11, 2017

To Whom It May Concern,

We have recently completed our first year with Boosterthon. There are many reasons we loved having Boosterthon at Fairmount Elementary.

We already had an idea of restructuring our 2017 school fun run. After talking with Boosterthon, we realized that they were doing (with great success) what we had a vision to do.

I have to say that the results did NOT disappoint! From the on-campus Boosterthon team to the character program to the online pledging site to the actual Fun Run event—everything was better than we had hoped for! Our teachers and PTO loved that they could enjoy the program instead of planning it all. Our students loved the prizes, team huddles and, of course, the Fun Run itself!

By working with Boosterthon, we profited over $30,000 from this year’s event! That’s about $20,000 more than our school’s best previous fundraiser.

Having the Boosterthon team on campus helped us raise more than $25,000 more than the (time intensive) run we were putting on ourselves. Not only did our school financially benefit, but we were able to give back 126 meals to Feeding America through Boosterthon’s give back initiative.

We chose to work with Boosterthon because we loved the idea of having our whole school participate in our Fun Run. We also respected the financial results they produced for other schools and were hopeful that the same would be true for our school. We wanted to do one big (fun instead of selling) fundraiser that we could profit our entire year’s budget instead of holding several little ones across the school year.

We will continue to work with Boosterthon because the program WORKS!

Yes, we made money and had fun...but one of the things we are most proud of is that our percentage of students who participated in this fundraiser went from our usual 10-20% up to an incredible 68%!

The following are some quotes from the Fairmount teachers:

On the Boosterthon team  

“They were enthusiastic, positive, helpful, and great with the kids.”

“They were great. I really appreciated how they were always offering to help inside our classrooms and with the program in general.”

“The Booster Team was great! They were very friendly, fun, and always willing to come in and help. They brought some life to our school that week.” :)

On the Boosterthon Prizes  

“I loved that Dana and Dan filled them daily and hung them on our door. It was minimal work for teachers. Perfect! Also...loved the extra daily incentives for students and classrooms.”  

“I loved how immediate the prizes were. I think the students getting rewarded so quickly helped continue the collection of pledges throughout the whole two weeks. It also encouraged our students who hadn't collected pledges yet. I think the prizes were fun and different from the typical fundraiser prizes.”

On the Boosterthon Fun Run day

“BEST DAY EVER! My class and I were so excited. It was an amazing activity for us to participate in as a team!”

“It was absolutely incredible. I felt extremely proud to be a part of Fairmount and spoke to multiple parents that were blown away by the event.”

“AMAZING, SUPER FUN, AWESOME! Such a great sense of community and positive/uplifting experience. I was so excited we had so many parents come to cheer their kids on.”

On the overall Boosterthon experience

“It was really wonderful for the kids, amazing fundraising opportunity, and easy on the teachers...not a lot of work for us, so thank you!” :)

“I thought the Boosterthon was a great success! The students really enjoyed it, the Fun Run day went smoothly and was enjoyable for both students and teachers, and we raised more money than we could've with a different fundraiser. I hope our school chooses to do this again next year.”

“There's no way we could have come close to doing what this company was able to do for our school. The money we raised in such a short amount of time was amazing! It was also fun having the classes compete against one another because it brought classes and grade levels together.”


“LOVED IT!!!!! It truly brought positive morale and more of a sense of community to our entire school, connecting all of the grade levels! I received nothing but positive feedback from parents as well!”

“I've been at Fairmount for almost 25 years as both a student and an educator. The Fun Run was, by far, the most fun and engaging fundraiser that I've ever been a part of. This is exactly what our school needed to raise substantial funds to help our school community, and I truly hope this becomes a yearly fundraiser.”

I would recommend the Boosterthon program to any school looking for a new fundraiser! No one really enjoys selling cookie dough, pizza, candles, or wrapping paper, and the kids certainly don’t get an experience like they do with the Boosterthon Fun Run! We were able to combine fitness, character lessons, community-building, AND fundraising all in one neatly wrapped package called Boosterthon!

Darla Kitsmiller

Fairmount Elementary PTO Fun Run Chair

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