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Your community rocks! That’s why for the 2014-2015 school year, Boosterthon is gathering your school community together for a fun, unforgettable musical festival experience with our newest character theme, Rock’n Town Live—powered by HeroSteps, a Boosterthon sister company.

Rock’n Town Live is a music festival theme all about COMMUNITY. Digital devices in homes across America can keep students inside and isolated. A theme about getting them out into the community is more important than ever. This character theme takes students backstage at a town music festival to learn from the Rock’n Town band about the five traits that make communities rock. Each musically inspired Community Challenge is paired with a fun, radio-ready song and music video that will have students singing about character and fitness for the rest of the year.

5 Community Challenges

A rundown of the five community challenges.

Herosteps Primary LogoCreated under the new HeroSteps brand, the Rock’n Town Live theme has taken over 12 months and thousands of hours to produce. And people like you helped. Last year, parents, teachers, and administrators from Boosterthon’s “Blue Group” created this theme—HeroSteps took their vision and made it come to life. With more resources and innovation poured into this parent-chosen theme than ever before, Rock’n Town Live is by far Boosterthon’s best theme yet.

Our 2014-2015 schedule is 80% full and filling quickly! Reach out to your local Boosterthon leader or CONTACT US to experience our all-new program.

So, spread out a blanket. Have a seat on the green lawn. The show’s about to start.

And cheer with your community at . . . Rock’n Town Live!

Enjoy the “Plug In To Serve” music video.


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