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During the 2012-2013 school year, students will be loading up the car and hitting the road on “Highway USA!”

Boosterthon Fun Run students will be “on the road to good choices.” On the road of life, students will be faced with a lot of choices to make, and Highway USA teaches them to make the choices that count.

Highway USA is our best and most dynamic theme yet! It will crisscross our students all over America, visiting cities and landmarks, and learning about five historical leaders who made the right choice at one time in their lives.

Here’s a look at our Highway USA Choice Challenges and our Highway Heroes:

LEADERSHIP—Students will choose “Leadership.” Students will be learning about how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. saw a need to help people, stood up as the leader, and empowered others.

CHARACTER—Students will choose “Character.” Students will learn about President Abraham Lincoln and the story of how he earned his nickname of “Honest Abe” with just one small, but impactful decision to do the right thing when no one was looking.

LEARNING—Students will also choose “Learning.” Thomas Edison stands as a great example. With over 1,000 patents, he shows us what it means to ask questions, learn, and contribute knowledge.

FITNESS—Students will choose “Fitness.” With the rise of childhood obesity in the U.S. and the great benefits fitness has on learning, we are excited to introduce students to someone they may never have heard of before. Glenn Cunningham was an amazing Olympic runner in the 1930s, setting three world records. For some students, choosing to be active is just tough, but we hope that when they meet Glenn, his story will inspire them to choose fitness.

A GOOD ATTITUDE—Students will choose “A Good Attitude.” Students will learn about pilot Amelia Earhart and her bold attitude to do what no man, or woman, had ever done before—take the longest route to circle the entire globe in an airplane.

Over the last twelve months, we’ve put thousands of hours into developing our newest theme. We are so excited for our students to experience the brand new Boosterthon program and all of the resources we’ve created for them to learn from and enjoy. As always, expect to hear about several NEW surprises we roll out as the school year continues. The Boosterthon program is going to be even better than this year’s, and we are thrilled that our students will experience it.

Learn how students will experience this year’s Character Resources —music videos, books, and more!

The Boosterthon Fun Run is a fundraising company designed for America’s top schools. Since 2001, Boosterthon’s taught millions of students across the nation about the importance of fitness, leadership, and character while helping schools raise needed funds. To inquire how our unique fundraising program can help with your school’s fundraising needs, visit www.boosterthon.com/contact.

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