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During the 2011-2012 school year all of our Boosterthon Fun Run students will be going on an “Epic Adventure!”

Boosterthon's Epic Adventure video title features an old timey map and airplane.

Epic Adventure is our best character theme yet! It’s bigger and better than our previous character themes, and we are so excited to see the impact it makes over the next school year. We know you'll love it!

This fun, island-inspired theme is all about TEAMWORK.  We are all on teams—a sports team, a family, or a class. We feel that it is vitally important for students to grow character by being excellent team members. We want to specifically focus on growing teams inside the classroom.

The word "EPIC" is an acronym with each letter representing an Adventure Action.  

Students will learn four specific ways to be a great teammate:

E- Encourage – Team members build each other up with their words and never tear anyone down.

P- Play – It’s important for teams to exercise and play together outside, building friendships on the playground and in the neighborhood.

I- Invite –Sometimes people may be outsiders or feel excluded from the group. Great teams see others on the sidelines and invite them into the group.

C- Celebrate – Celebrating other’s victories is so important. Team members are not jealous of other’s successes; they celebrate with them and should applaud everyone’s accomplishments.

Epic Adv-filmingFor the past twelve months, we've put thousands of hours into our newest character theme. We even sent a team of Boosterthon team members to Guatemala to film videos for Epic Adventure to bring our schools the best, most authentic experience possible.

We are saving some great surprises that complete our Epic Adventure character theme for the 2011-2012 school year and can’t wait for our schools to experience the brand new Boosterthon Fun Run, as our students learn the importance of teamwork by going on an Epic Adventure!

Want to learn more? From the creative room to the coffee fields of Guatemala, check out The Making of Epic Adventure: A Look Behind the Scenes.

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