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National Make a Difference Day is on Saturday, October 22. Started by USA Weekend magazine, the fourth Saturday in October “rallies millions in a single day to help change the world.” According to the website, it’s the nation’s largest day for volunteering, all with the heart to help and impact others.

The question that echoes in many heads is, “But I’m just one person. I can’t really make a difference.”

Oh, no?

To give you better idea of just how influential anyone can be, we asked a teacher and the principal from Cyprus Trails Elementary in Royal Palm Beach, FL

“Who has made a difference in your life?”

Take a look at what they said.

makeSharon Buntin, 4th Grade Teacher

Thinking back to my early days as a student I can still remember every single one of my teacher's names from kindergarten to seventh grade.  They all left a lasting positive impression, which helped guide me to be a teacher. However, one teacher in particular, Mrs. Rosenthal, made the largest difference in my life. Mrs. Rosenthal was my 7th grade English teacher.  Even though she was a beginning teacher at the time, she showed so much concern and compassion for her students.  It was after being in her class, that I had my first thoughts of becoming a teacher myself.  She was a positive role model, knowledgeable, kind, and funny.  Just the kinds of qualities a good teacher needs to survive these days!

Tameka Robinson, Principal

The person who has made the greatest impact in my life is my mother. My mom is so inspirational, loving and kind-hearted. There isn't anything she would not do for anyone. I have 6 siblings and we are all very successful because of her guidance. She and my dad did everything in their power to make sure we received a college education. My father passed away my freshman year in college and my mom made certain I received all the necessities needed to succeed as she and my dad planned. She is a phenomenal woman!

We are all in positions to influence someone, whether it’s being a great parent, teacher, or kind-hearted friend. Knowing that you have the power and ability to make a difference in the lives of those around you, go a step further and volunteer your time to impact those that aren’t immediately in your life.


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