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When the Boosterthon Team steps on campus to put on a Fun Run, magical moments are bound to happen.

At Wally W. Watkins Elementary, a first-year Boosterthon school outside of Dallas, TX, magic struck.  

During the first run, a Kindergarten student named Malachi came up with his mom to Boosterthon Team Member Adam Kajs. Although the run wasn’t even halfway over, Malachi had already completed all 35 of his laps.

It turned out this little man was on a mission to do something great.

Malachi then asked for another lap sticker so he could (wait for it) . . . run AGAIN.

Why? So he could run 35 MORE laps for his teacher, Mrs. Scherer, a breast cancer patient who couldn’t run because she had her final surgery scheduled the following week.


Adam called Mrs. Scherer over and explained to her Malachi’s mission. She held back tears listening to what her student wanted to do for her.

He was going to run for his teacher.

So Adam grabbed another lap counting sticker and put it on Mrs. Scherer's back. Then Malachi began to run ANOTHER set of 35 laps. Every time Malachi completed a lap, Mrs. Scherer got her sticker marked.

Young student Malachi with his teacher, Mrs. Scherer

Malachi with his teacher, Mrs. Scherer

Jennifer Speicher, the principal, remembers the moment when Malachi and Mrs. Scherer walked across the finish line together after he’d completed a remarkable 70 laps as a Kindergartener.

“[In that moment,] joy and pride filled my heart. I was amazed that a five-year-old boy could be so caring, loving, and selfless. He was so proud but didn’t tell anyone about his accomplishment.”

She went on:

“Without having the Boosterthon Fun Run, we wouldn’t have witnessed the beauty of friendship, hope, love, and care during a Fun Run!”

Amazingly, this heart-warming feat was 100% Malachi’s idea. We’re so grateful for students like Malachi with big hearts for others who end up changing the world!

We’re so proud of you, Malachi. And please recover quickly, Mrs. Scherer.

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