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For Silas, a first grader at Cumming Elementary in Georgia, this year’s Boosterthon Fun Run was going to be much different than last year’s. It wasn’t that he was in a new school. It wasn’t that he was sick the day of the Fun Run. It was that Silas would be relearning how to walk the day his classmates hit the Boosterthon Speedway to run for their school.

Silas after his treatment.Silas has been a toe-walker for, well, since he first started walking. Toe-walking is common in toddlers, but when Silas didn’t grow out of the habit, his parents tried different treatments to help him walk correctly. They tried physical therapy, tendon stretching with casts, and even braces for a year, but nothing worked. With surgery as the last resort, Silas’s parents hoped it would be the final correction he’d have to endure.

So when the Boosterthon Fun Run came to Cumming Elementary only a few days into relearning how to walk again after his surgery, Silas’s mother was crushed. Life dealt a sour lemon. Her son wouldn’t be able to fully participate in the Fun Run event like last year.

And in fact, Silas wouldn’t have the same experience at all; it would turn out to be different, but much sweeter to their family, as Silas would turn that lemon into lemonade.

Silas’s mother called the school’s Boosterthon Team Leader, Coby, to see if there was an alternative to Silas’s situation, and a few minutes later, they had a plan that thrilled Silas—he would become a special Boosterthon helper.

On the day of the Boosterthon Fun Run, Silas walked two laps around the Speedway, then headed to the water tent where he filled up cups, handed them out, and cheered on his classmates. He was so happy to help out and participate in the day. He even picked up the red and blue Boosterthon cones after the Fun Run was over, leaving the field last.

Returning home, Silas only had two marks on the back of his All-Star Jersey, and like a champ, he wanted to try to complete all 35 laps indoors. And that’s exactly what he did.

Silas and his dad.

Wearing his Boosterthon jersey, Silas ran through the living room, into the foyer, into the dining room, then back to the living room again. Mark after mark, he completed all 35 laps with music blaring, several water breaks, and a lot of dancing.

Presto, Silas made freshly squeezed lemonade.

Silas’s Fun Run had every bit of the Boosterthon Fun Run experience in it and probably twice the spirit.

We are continually amazed by our students. In the face of setbacks, they show just how strong they really are—constantly looking on the bright side and showing resilience. Stories like Silas’s happen all year round, and when we get a chance to hear them, it reminds us of just how lucky we are to do what we do.

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