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We can all agree that this is an incredibly stressful time for educators—having to move to online learning, trying to navigate school closures, etc. So, let's show our educators some love and appreciation! We're inviting you to take part in a fun new initiative called the #BoostEducatorsChallenge. It's a social media movement designed to encourage and uplift teachers and administrators across the country!

Here's how to participate: 

  1. Post a short video of your family saying an encouraging message to your student’s favorite teachers or administrators on social media using the hashtag #BoostEducatorsChallenge

  2. In your post, tag five friends with kids and challenge them to do the same for their family's favorite teachers and principals! 

  3. Bonus! If you want, you can also tag the educator or the school in the post. 

We would LOVE for you to take part in this amazing movement to support the teachers and administrators who pour out their lives for our kids. Let's show our educators how much we love and appreciate them!

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