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At Booster, we believe schools are the foundation of strong communities. And while there are many vital roles in a school, one that often goes unnoticed is the role of parent volunteer

That’s why we created the Volly Awards—to honor the amazing, hard-working individuals working behind the scenes to support their school’s students, faculty, staff, and community. 

From September 2019 to April 2020, we’re collecting nominations for stellar parent volunteers across the country at VollyAwards.com. Each month, we’re selecting one winner to receive a $150 Amazon gift card and 50 custom shirts (courtesy of Booster Spirit Wear) for any event at their school.

And the Volly Award for November goes to…

We’re pleased to announce our Volly Award winner for November is Briana Golden from Walnut Creek Elementary in Papillion, Nebraska! 

As you’ll soon learn, Briana is one of the most dedicated volunteers around. Although this was her first year organizing her school’s Boosterthon program, she led it with enthusiasm and creativity.

Briana’s PhD background and passion for S.T.E.A.M. helped her engage with students in fun and unique ways. For example, throughout the program she was often seen wearing a lab coat and sharing her “Dr. Golden” persona with students at assemblies, during morning announcements, and even at car line!

Students who had participated in fundraisers in previous years found themselves re-energized by Briana’s passion and creativity. This energy helped motivate students to take part in their Boosterthon program.

“She went above and beyond in coming up with new incentive ideas, which got kids who have done a Fun Run six years straight excited once again.” -Renee Weed 

Because of Briana’s efforts, Walnut Creek exceeded their fundraising goal by thousands of dollars! Since Boosterthon is their only PTO fundraiser of the year, this was a huge achievement.

“…excitement, passion, and enthusiasm are what set Booster apart, and Briana embodies all of them as a parent volunteer,” said Renee. 

We love celebrating incredible parent volunteers like Briana, and she’s certainly a deserving recipient of the November Volly Award. From all of us Booster, thank you, Briana, for your creativity and dedication to the Walnut Creek community! 


To nominate a remarkable parent volunteer at your school, visit VollyAwards.com.

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