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For 5 years Boosterthon's given our teachers a free resource to help make our character themes come alive for their students. But instead of delivering our classic children's books this year, we dreamed up a classroom resource that would fully integrate into classroom teaching, yet still have storytelling magic. We would include fun videos, music, writing and games for students, while crafting it to fulfill national educational standards and easy use for teachers.

IMG_8454So, what is the Hero Pack?

It's an uplifting character program that fits in a backpack pocket. Students watch interactive music and character videos and respond to fun, challenging questions. Each video goes along with HeroSteps's newest school theme, ROCK’N TOWN LIVE, a music festival theme all about COMMUNITY. The Hero Pack allows students to listen, laugh, sing, jot and reflect on character content that feels like entertainment but has a positive twist.

Teachers simply play a video or a song to kick-start or wind down the school day with these energizing character activities. When students complete the workbook, they'll fulfill five grade-level national education standards. Teachers can select activities at random, or they can follow the schedule to extend the Hero Pack into a full three-week character program.

What’s Inside?

  • 7 music videos
  • 5 community challenges
  • Music album
  • 24-paged student workbook
  • 5 BoostFit kid videos


Teacher Review

"I was in awe of your ability to teach character ed in such a cool way that kids understood! Your messages are right on for your target audience . . . even a 6-year-old completely got the messages and thought they were cool!"

- Sonia Parker, Gifted Teacher, Hampton Cove Elementary (Huntsville, AL)


So, why the upgrade? Like with everything, Booster constantly re-imagines what is possible. That's why we invented our new HeroSteps brand, which would take our character themes to heroic levels, impacting more students.

And that's our favorite thing to do--whether it's through a fun fundraising program, a high-five, or a character program.

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