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Introducing the February Volly Award Winner...

At Booster, we love celebrating the unseen and unsung heroes among us: parent volunteers! We believe schools are the foundation of strong communities and want to intentionally celebrate those who are making their schools a better place.

That’s why we created the Volly Awards—to honor the amazing, hard-working individuals working behind the scenes to support their school’s students, faculty, staff, and community. 

And the Volly Award for February goes to…


We’re thrilled to announce that our Volly Award winner for the month of February is Lee Brim from Morningside Elementary in Salt Lake City, Utah! 


Have you ever known someone who texts you encouraging messages like, "Do you need any help this week?" or "You've done an amazing job planning this event—we are behind you!" Well, that's the kind of volunteer Lee is!

Lee's positive spirit and enthusiasm are only the beginning of what makes her deserving of this award. She’s currently in her second year as PTA Treasurer—a role where volunteers traditionally only serve for one year. As PTA President Mandy Perez-Morris, put it, "Lee turned her role into a two-year commitment because she knew there was a learning curve to the Treasurer role. If you've worked with the PTA, you know the Treasurer role is one of the largest and most time-consuming."

But that hasn't stopped Lee. She’s created and implemented the necessary systems and organization into Morningside's finances to ensure they are compliant with all financial regulations and can transparently see where every penny goes. 

Because of her hard work, Morningside Elementary is now better place for every student, including Lee's three kids who attend. On top of her role as Treasurer, Lee serves as an incredible volunteer on school field trips, class parties, all PTA meetings, and fundraisers. She’s also planned two Family Dance Nights for the Morningside community.

"Lee is the type of volunteer that’s always the first to show up to help set-up and the last to leave events. She's given thousands of hours to our school community, and we're only in January!" said Mandy Perez-Morris.


Lee's service to Morningside is even more amazing when you consider that she does it all in addition to her family responsibilities as a wife/mother and while she’s taking classes to become a Speech Pathologist. Talk about remarkable!

"She does all of this because she wants to help make memories for her kids and our entire school community,” said Mandy. “I’m in awe of her ability to balance it all, show up for her teammates, her kids, husband, and continue to be a model to all of us on the importance of getting involved in our public schools and the positive impact that has on the entire community."

We’re truly blown away by the level of heartfelt commitment Lee has given and is giving to Morningside. So, from all of us here at Booster, we just want to say, “Thank you, Lee!” It's people like you who are making a difference in the lives of students across the country. 

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