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Our most exciting theme yet, is also our most diverse theme—showcasing 5 different sports from 5 different countries and cultures! 



Sports City Worldwide is an international sports theme all about playing sports with character. Students will travel the world and meet 5 REAL kid-athletes who play with character. We’re continuing the fun from our previous theme that focused on kid-athletes in the U.S., and taking inspiring stories worldwide!


Students will be learning about how to play with CURIOSITY, CONFIDENCE, HUMILITY, PRACTICE, & ENDURANCE through mini-documentaries that highlight these REAL kid-athletes.



Each Booster character theme comes with a fun, engaging storyline that draws students in and makes the character lessons come to life.

After Sports City Now, the kids sports show run by kids & for kids, is almost canceled, their show goes worldwide when a big TV executive picks it up. The show moves to Spain and gains an international audience! During Ratings Week, all eyes are on the new show. Everything is going fine, when suddenly, their 5 potentially prize-winning films are mysteriously stolen by the infamous art thief, La Coup. The kids must follow a series of riddles and travel the world to find and air their films before Ratings Week ends. Who’s La Coup and will the kids be able to get their films back to keep their showing running?

Find out in SPORTS CITY WORLDWIDE. Coming Fall 2021! 

Want to bring SPORTS CITY WORLDWIDE to your school? 

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