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The role of parent teacher associations has long been to make every child’s potential a reality. This has been done in creative and awe-inspiring ways over the years by uniting parents and giving them a powerful voice to influence change that will improve the lives of all children. 

The role of parent teacher associations

Across the United States, parent associations and organizations are embracing their vital role in improving education, health and safety conditions for students. While the mission remains the same, the means have changed in some ways over the years.  

1. Improving communication between the school, community, and families. 

In the past, notes home, mailings, and in-person meetings were the primary way to unite and communicate with families and school communities. With the advancement of technology and the changes brought on by COVID, these channels have expanded. 

Now the role of parent teacher associations includes communication through social media campaigns, email newsletters, virtual and in-person events, initiatives, clubs, and programs. In these ways, parent teacher associations have shown they can unite for the common good of students no matter the situation at hand. 

2. Growing student character. 

Parent teacher associations are giving teachers free access to character-building lessons and videos through the help of school fundraising companies like Booster. These lessons can be easily implemented into the classroom curriculum to teach valuable, life-long lessons.

Topics focus on generosity, perseverance, honesty and other virtues that give students the strong character they need to reach their full potential. 

3. Teaching healthy lifestyle choices. 

The role of parent teacher associations allows parents to have a positive impact on the health of future generations through education and promotion of exercise, healthy eating, and self care. 

This is done on all levels. First at the school level with healthy activities, educational events, and fundraisers. But also at the state and national level, through the unified voice given to parents in the role of parent teacher associations, to establish programs and call for legislation that leads to healthier lives for students both now and in the future. 

The Role of Parent Teacher Association Through the Generations

Parent teacher organizations began organizing themselves in the late 1800’s and have continued in their noble cause to help students over the decades. Each new phase of history presents fresh challenges, but staying unified parents have had the opportunity to impact change for the benefit of children. 

In the last two decades, parent teacher organizations and associations have become particularly clever in combining powerful character and health lessons with annual school fundraisers for maximum impact on improving students’ lives. 

Companies such as Booster have risen to the occasion, offering assistance and tools necessary for success. From online pledging software to full fundraising events which promote health and character, the right amount of support has consistently led to maximum impact for students so they can reach their full potential in school and in life. 

The role of parent teacher associations has proven its value time and time again. These organizations will forever go down in the history books as an essential piece of the public education system with a vital impact on the good of our nation’s youth. 

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