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“Change the World” feels like a lofty goal; but at Booster, we’ve found a way to make it attainable, tangible, and real. 

I have always been a mission-driven person, guided by my values and the goal to make a difference. Post-college, I completed an AmeriCorps year of service with City Year Boston by serving in a 4th grade classroom. My time teaching and supporting students with City Year taught me a few things: 

1. I enjoyed working in schools and with students and teachers. 

2. Impacting communities is important. 

3. I loved and needed the support of working with a team. 

I wanted a job that gave me purpose and reason to get up each morning. City Year gave me that; but when searching for what was next, I knew I needed that same spark -- that daily reason to do good. Booster gave me that joy: a reason to be productive each day and, step-by-step, a way to actually “Change the World.”

I found Booster through my sister. She had made the connection through colleagues and knew it would be a place for me and through her, I was introduced to Booster leaders in Boston. When I interviewed, I had two things on my mind: the need for a quick transition from City Year to my new role, and a job that was not traditional. What I mean by that is I wanted work, but not something I would end up resenting or being burnt out by doing. 

Booster is a culture-focused, detail-oriented, exciting job that champions and challenges you to grow and lead. When I learned I was going to get to impact students and teachers, and celebrate communities – I was sold. 

Schools are places that are filled with everything you could think of. They are not just places to learn and receive an education. Schools are places to develop friendships, learn new hobbies, find new skills, play sports, find meaningful mentors, eat healthy foods, and to be and feel safe. Schools are mini universes that build a community, often in one building: four walls that are filled with more than just core curriculum. 

Booster realizes all the potential that schools hold, and we believe it is our job to positively impact those schools. In order for schools to be successful in all the ways they make a difference for their communities, funding is needed. The word “fun” might be in fundraising, but fundraising is tricky and never truly easy. But, in just eight days, we work together with our partners to provide funds that help enrich the school community and add value to their campus. It’s quick, FUN, and effective. We raise funds for schools so they can invest in technology, field trips, libraries, playgrounds, enrichment programs, and more. Everything we do is designed to ensure that our school clients are cared for and that schools are strengthened by the work we do with them. 

For team members, this means a lot of work – whether it’s the day-to-day implementation of our jobs – from morning announcements to teaching Character Lessons -- to the extra steps needed to support teachers, such as making photocopies, to engaging parents with music and dancing in carline. The end of the week culminates in a major event, such as a Fun Run or our Dance Fit program. In those few days, we’ve impacted students and their schools, and the broader community that school serves. Knowing that makes all the time and energy spent, well worth it.  

Every day I step foot on a campus, I know I am living out the phrase, “Change the World” because we are dedicated to making a difference and making a lasting impact in communities. It is what we are; it is who we are; and Booster is how I, Katie Whitney, am “Changing the World.”

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