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Originally, Mountain Park Elementary School in Lilburn, GA, was apprehensive about hosting a fundraiser this fall. And understandably so—with all the implications of COVID-19 to consider, many schools are still trying to figure out how to approach learning, let alone fundraising. 

Can we add something here about their status? Are they fully on campus, hybrid, etc. Eventually, the team at MPES decided it would be worth it to bring the Booster team on campus to boost morale and help raise much-needed funds for items that will help improve student learning--technology and Chromebooks. 

The Plan. The Program. The Outcome.

So the MPES team decided to host an on-campus, Boosterthon DanceFit fundraiser, created in partnership with Just Dance, the legendary dance video game. They wanted to get their  students moving and grooving while they raise funds to help their school. 

And after learning about Boosterthon’s updated safety measures to keep their fundraiser both safe and fun for everyone, the Mountain Park Elementary team chose to host an on-campus fundraiser.

With the Booster team on campus taking care of all the details and running every aspect of the fundraiser, the MPES staff was free to focus on teaching their students—both on-campus and those who were still learning virtually.

And since the school was running a hybrid teaching model, the Booster team made an intentional effort to engage not only the in-person students, but also the virtual students, resulting in a very high registration and participation percentage for both groups! One worry for schools hosting virtual learning and hybrid learning, is engaging those families remotely. Everyone was excited to see how the whole school was connected and participating, even with students learning from different places.

Did They Beat Their Fundraising Goal?

So how did it go for MPES? From financial results to the safe, on-campus experience for students, Mountain Park  was thrilled with the way the program went this year. Before the program, the MPES team set a fundraising goal of $11,000. Through their Boosterthon DanceFit program, Mountain Park Elementary profited $12,445!

Two notable stats from Mountain Park’s fundraiser: 

  • 63% of donors were non-parents. (Many schools are concerned about putting an extra financial burden on parents, so this was a HUGE win for MPES.) 
  • Through our corporate matching feature, Mountain Park was able to profit an additional $600. 

Mr. Brian Walker, principal of Mountain Park Elementary, particularly loved how the Booster team adapted the fundraiser to meet the school’s unique needs: 

“We appreciate how flexible the program was this year. Not knowing how it would or could work was tough. While we would’ve loved to have everything normal, the entire experience went well.”


From left to right: As a bonus for hitting their fundraising goal, students got to turn Principal Walker into an ice cream sundae; Assistant Principal Dr. Seymour with Booster team member JK Julia. 

Ms. Kelsey Case, an assistant principal at MPES, really appreciated the Booster team’s engagement with the school’s in-person and virtual students:

“The Booster team did a great job of getting students excited about raising funds for their school. They did a wonderful job with juggling both digital and in-person students, as well as bringing a fun dance party to the school.”

Big congratulations to the students and staff at Mountain Park Elementary for a remarkable fundraising program, even during these times! Enjoy your new Chromebooks!


If your school is interested in a proven, fun, and safe virtual or on-campus fundraiser this school year, we’d love to help.

Click here to learn more about hosting a virtual or on-campus Boosterthon fundraiser.

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