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We all love options. This year, our schools asked for more of them in our program, and we listened. We’ve been busy at work, and are excited to announce that we’ve upgraded the way schools experience the Boosterthon by offering multiple service levels, something we call “Preferred Choice.”

Just like a dinner menu, Preferred Choice now gives our schools the option to select the Boosterthon program that best suits their taste.

Each new service level offers the legendary Boosterthon experience but with customizable features and pricing. The more you raise, the more you keep!

3 Preferred Choice program options.

""#1 Boosterthon LIVE

Boosterthon Live is our full-service fundraising option. The enthusiastic Boosterthon team visits your campus daily, handling every aspect of the program. The hassle-free experience is the same Boosterthon program we have perfected for over a decade!


""#2 Boosterthon EVENT

Boosterthon Event unites the enthusiastic blends the enthusiastic Boosterthon team with your energetic volunteers! Our team is on campus for the kickoff and grand finale events, allowing you the freedom to uniquely customize the lessons and rewards in-between.


""#3 Fun Run You

Fun Run You is perfect for schools that want the benefits of Boosterthon's expertise, pledging technology, and collection reporting, with the perks of a self-run event! A friendly Fun Run expert guides you every step of the way.


So, your table is ready. Right this way. We’re honored to serve you.

Now, how would you like your Boosterthon? It’s your choice.

Reach out your local Boosterthon leader today or CONTACT US to learn more about Preferred Choice and securing a spot on our quickly filling 2015-16 calendar.

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