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While our students participate in Boosterthon’s 9-day fitness, leadership and character program, there are consistently parents who reinforce leadership with their children all year long. In today’s society, it is harder and harder for parents to gain the attention of their children and teach them how to live character-filled lives. However, we’ve found that our Boosterthon families aim to raise their children as leaders, regardless of outside influences.

Wilson family posesDuring last semester’s BoosterFest, we recognized Monica Wilson from Anna, Texas, who provided the most impactful answer about how she leads her children. She encourages her son, Trenten, to walk in other people’s shoes and help others to be the best they can be. Although many parents attempt to instill this in their children, Monica believes that it has truly shown through in Trenten’s actions and words.

Her son will occasionally mention being teased at school. Monica sympathizes with him, but also turns the tables back on him to remind him that he has been on the other side of the situation before. This allows Trenten to remember how it feels when he sees others being teased. “I try to use it as a tool to help him hopefully not make the same mistakes in the future,” said Monica.

She recalled one situation in particular when Trenten told her of a special needs child in his class who had been picked on consistently. She knew that this was her chance to explain to Trenten that he needed to befriend the student and make sure that none of his friends were making fun of the classmate. Monica instilled a sense of responsibility in Trenten to help him recognize how it would feel if he did not have friends to stick up for him and, in turn, to act on that in a positive way.


“I try to remember in this day and age that I’m parenting him how I want, in order to make him the type of person I want him to be and provide him with the knowledge that he needs to know,” said Monica. “Any time the opportunity comes for me to teach him, I take advantage of it. I truly hope that by telling him how much his family loves and supports him, he has the knowledge to lead his friends who maybe don’t have the same family environment.”

Not only does she take the opportunities to lead her child, but Monica also dedicates specific time to focusing solely on Trenten. As a working mom, Monica’s life can get very busy; however, she values her time with Trenten and consistently devotes time to be at all of his football events to cheer him on from the sidelines. Being able to interact after the games gives them a common ground to speak on.

Trenten getting a tackle in football.

Additionally, Monica’s family eats dinner at the table together each night – a time to relate and engage together. With so many other distractions, Monica is thankful that family dinner time is second nature for her family.

“We always want him to remember that today’s issues are not significant and that he will hardly remember them tomorrow,” said Monica. “It’s not about those small instances in life. It’s about who he makes himself and what he carries with him later.

As we hear the way parents like Monica relate to their children and show them how to be leaders on their own, we are thankful for the way we see students lead in the classroom each day. The parents that we serve do a great job of teaching their children how to Encourage, Play, Invite and Celebrate. We are thankful that we have the chance hear about the growth of our students.

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