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If your school is considering hosting a Fun Run fundraiser this year or you’ve had a running tradition of putting on your own DIY fundraiser, here are 5 things you should consider in light of COVID-19, making school events more challenging this year. 

1. Have a virtual component

Whether your school is learning virtually, navigating A/B and hybrid schedules, or are face-to-face, having a virtual component to your DIY fundraiser allows you the flexibility to be successful. 

It’s important to reach every family during your fundraiser. So if some or all of your families are learning from home, create engaging video communication and emails to rally families who are remote, but are still very much a part of your school community. It’s just as important to build school spirit and unity this year as it is to raise essential funds. Ensure your fundraiser can do both. That is true success.

2. Use all communication channels to reach your parents

This year, the most successful schools have gone all-in on communicating with their parents through as many channels as possible. Parents are more engaged than ever on updates coming straight from the school. From social media to emails, to phone and text blasts, you must put together a plan to communicate consistently across all your channels to parents.

Alverno Heights Lower School, in California, was extremely active on social media during their virtual fundraiser and hit their fundraising goal.

3. Use a robust online fundraising platform

Just because you’re hosting a DIY fun run doesn’t mean you can’t have top-notch technology that will make donating to your school easier for parents and actually more profitable for you. If the platform has good social sharing features and corporate matching integration, your parents can share your fundraiser with extended friends and family. This not only takes the fundraising load off of them, but it also brings in more donors and dollars.

4. Don't try to do everything yourself

With some school systems limiting parents on campus, and some parents facilitating virtual learning at home, your volunteer base could be lower than usual this year. If that means you’re the lone leader, consider hiring a fundraising organization specializing in fun run fundraising to free you up. You can still play an active role, but with far less work to do.

5. Make your DIY Fun Run event safe and fun!

On the day of the event, ensure you’re complying with your local and school safety guidelines. Maybe that looks like only 50 kids running at once or creating multiple Fun Run tracks that allow smaller groups of kids to run. Creating a fun experience for the whole school takes some ingenuity, resources, and volunteers.

Here are the materials you’ll need to host a safe and fun DIY Fun Run event.

  • 200-300 cones to create tracks, pathways, and social distancing markers
  • Tailgating tents (for shade)
  • Ensure every student brings a water bottle
  • Tables
  • Speakers and speaker stands, plus amplifier
  • Power cords for music
  • Soundtrack/playlist
  • Microphone to give instructions and communicate while the run is happening
  • Batteries
  • Volunteers to fill up water, set up, run music, and Emcee the event

Consider how long students will run for. (30 minutes of walking, running, and skipping is a good time limit)

Also, consider the size of your track The bigger it is, the more likely students will walk instead of run. Making a smaller track gives them a greater sense of completion and allows students to hear the music and emcee better. Consider making a track that’s 1/16 of a mile.

If half your students are part of a virtual fundraising program, engage them as equally as you can. Send out your playlist, and give them options to complete their fun run remotely.

  • Around their home
  • Safely up and down their street
  • A field

Hosting a DIY Fun Run with COVID is not only possible, but it can also be highly successful. Just use these 5 tips when you’re planning.

Ready to take your DIY Fun Run to the next level with a fun, safe, and highly-profitable fundraiser this year? Learn more about how Booster can help make that happen.


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